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5/12/13 3:06 P

You need time to recover, there is no instant fix to your pain. I am in the same boat, today I was told that I was walking "funny" because I have my quads terribly sore from last Friday's workout. I don't regret it though.

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ERICADURR Posts: 241
5/12/13 12:13 P

I'd also use a foam roller, if you can get one, to roll out some of the stiffness and to help relax and release the tense muscles.

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5/12/13 6:03 A

An active recovery is actually better for you that complete rest, as increased blood flow to the muscles helps them recover.

Try some very gentle exercise, such as moderate walking.


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5/11/13 10:24 P

Thank you so much for all the advice.... I tried every thing you all recommended... It is working. I did however sit for too long at one point bc my 3 yr old fell asleep on my lap... OUCH... but there was no exercising today. My game plan for tomorrow is a family walk so far. I will see how I feel in the morning! I am glad to know I am not the only one pushing the envelope... Best of luck to you all in accomplishing your goals! If I can assist in any way I am here!

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5/11/13 2:00 P

Rest. Ice as needed, rest, and take a break. It's OKAY to stop! When you've overdone it, rest is the best thing for your body, a day or two off will help you get back to normal. Stand and stretch frequently to keep from stiffening up!

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5/11/13 11:35 A

I had the same issue this week! I took a day off from working out (Tuesday) and then decided to do my ST routine which stretched my calf out and made it feel MUCH better. I went back to my regular cardio routine Thursday (with some modifications so I wasn't putting all of the strain and stress on my sore leg) and that helped too. Don't stress about having to modify!

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5/11/13 9:31 A

I'd use some ice to take down the swelling or a warm bath, what ever works for you. Force yourself to do some gentle stretching several times a day for a few each time. Add some protein today. Those muscles need it now. I over did on Wednesday! Thursday was an ouch day. I did take a pain pill. Did very little for the next day but by Friday I was ok. Had a massage Friday night! Awesome.

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5/11/13 9:24 A

walking a little bit, slowly will be better for you than sitting around.

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5/11/13 8:57 A

I got a little over zealous this week... I love working out now that I am back in the game but I think I pushed it a little too far.... even the yoga stretching is hurting but I don't want to take ibprophen... I have an intestinal and digestive issue and taking it makes me leery. Problem is I have an old knee injury and my calves are so sore I am unstable when I walk.... I know this sounds stupid to push myself so hard but it really wasn't an issue til this morning.... Any advice on how to manage it? I am trying to stretch it out but like I said it is grueling right now

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