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11/29/12 3:28 P

Wow, that is scary!

I would not say that a BMI chart is totally useless. Sure, I agree, the BMI chart does not account for body composition/ body fat percentage.

However, If someone has a BMI of well below the fifth percentile for age, that is EXTREMELY underweight, and very dangerous for health.

According to the CDC BMI chart for girls age 2-20, the 50th percentile BMI for an 18 year old girl is 21.25, and the 5th percentile BMI is 17.5. Now, refer back to what Seventeen is calling "normal," and you will see the concern.

I will go sign the petition right now.

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11/29/12 3:28 P

YOJULEZ --- whoo hooo for Marching Band! Yes, it was wonderful exercise.


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11/29/12 12:09 P

KYLAR, the point is, teenage girls (Seventeen's target audience) don't know that BMI charts are useless, and by having numbers on the chart that are too low, make her think she's fat and unhealthy, when she's probably not at all. Teenage girls are not rational creatures :)

But I agree that BMI charts are useless. In high school I was the same height and weight I am now (go me) and playing 2 vigorous sports and in a competition marching band (don't laugh, it's great exercise), and in probably the best shape of my life. Yet, according to the BMI charts, I am "overweight" at this weight.

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11/29/12 9:40 A

But all BMI calculators are absolutely useless, so I really don't see the point here. Biggest flaw is they don't even differentiate between male and female, much less muscle/fat body composition. Useless tool, all it is is a lookup chart comparing someone's weight to their height.

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11/29/12 7:28 A

It looks like Seventeen Magazine temporarily removed the bmi calculator.

Here's a screen shot:

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11/28/12 10:28 P

I couldn't find the calculator... Have the removed it?


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11/28/12 10:27 P

Do you remember YM Magazine? That is where I learned how to purge (speaking of teen magazines and eating disorders)

Petition is signed

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11/28/12 9:21 P

I signed the petition

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11/28/12 6:34 P

I just signed the petition :-)

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11/28/12 6:23 P


Click on the link to read about Seventeen Magazine's BMI chart that says:

a BMI of 14.8 is in the normal range for 18 year olds and

a BMI of 15.3 is in the normal range for 19 year olds.
(the article has a link to sign a petition)

Here's the link to the actual calculator on the Seventeen Magazine site:

I am so glad I did not see that calculator at the height of my eating disorder!

I have faced it. Having tasted, a life wasted. Oh, I erased it, I'm NEVER going back again- E. Vedder

1/20/10 Weight Restored from 90-109 pounds.

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