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6/17/11 3:27 P

Thanks! I'm looking for something in writing, but all I can find are videos! I will keep looking though, thanks!

BREE69 Posts: 48
6/17/11 3:04 P

go to and you should find the 5week workout there if not the latest magazine by seventeen has the whole calendar and workouts in it(:

6/17/11 2:08 P

ICE!!!! It really helps, we use it a lot during our sports seasons, and it wont always work right away, but if you know your going to be sore, then put ice on the areas you know will be or any areas that hurt for 15-20 minutes, but no longer. Hope that will work for you. But powering through the pain will work too, just know your limits and don't hurt yourself, if your just a little sore, still workout, just not as hard and maybe not as long. Or do workouts that focus on other areas of the body, just keeping your heart rate going will help!

What is this workout that your doing? Can I find it online by chance?

BREE69 Posts: 48
6/17/11 10:54 A

i literalllly just got done doing the get strong one even though its not monday .
and my coach always tells us to not pay attention to the soreness and it will go away ... but i dont think she gets it. stretch before and after and it might make you less sore

6/16/11 2:15 P

I started this on Monday, and I woke up this morning completely and utterly sore. My legs, arms, abs, even my butt hurt! I know that if I work out today I could hurt my body. I was just wondering what you guys do when you are too sore to work out. How do you stay on track throughout the day, so you don't gain any weight, that you've already lost, back?


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