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3/19/13 4:48 A

emoticon on your goals! Mine are very similar ...
1. Exercise daily ... cardio and strength ... switching the area I concentrate on for strength each day
2. Find time for me ... something relaxing and calming
3. Eating healthy and within my calorie range
4. Managing my stress without utilizing food

It's going to be a GOOD day!

~ Cathy

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3/18/13 7:11 P

Awww...thanks so much Coach Nancy. That means so much coming from you :)

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3/18/13 8:17 A


CONGRATS on your weight loss and for being able to maintain your loss!


Coach Nancy

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3/18/13 7:25 A

I usually review them weekly. Often they do not change. I will change them when one of them becomes more of a habit than not and I feel like I will keep doing it even if I do not focus on it.

1. Make two healthy meals from scratch each week.
2. exercise AT a minimum 20 minutes each day.
3. Measure my portions at each meal.

Nancy-McHenry Illinois

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3/18/13 6:45 A

How often do you set or reset your goals?

For me, it helps to do it weekly. I try to set aside some time every Sunday to reflect on the last week and reevaluate my goals. This week's goals:
1. Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies each day.
2. Exercise for at least 10 minutes each day.
3. Do not binge or eat my emotions.

What are yours?

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