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It's good to revist your goals periodically.

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5/22/13 1:27 P

one of the Spark Coach assignments this week was to write down 3 of your accomplishments. Keep a notebook or list of these, and when you feel down, you can review what you've achieved as a reminder of how far you have come.

it also helps to make some short term goals. Meeting those smaller goals will help you stay motivated. I know when I have a TON of work to do at the office or at home, if I can knock a few things off my list that just take 5 or 10 minutes each, then I feel much better about the big picture.

and remember, the only failure is giving up. As long as you make those small steps, you will continue to progress.

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5/22/13 1:24 P

any step toward your goal is a success!!

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5/22/13 1:04 P

Does anyone, out there, make a bunch of goals then feel bad when you don't meet them?

I am guilty! In my weight loss journey, I start off excited and motivated! I set my goals. Then, when I'd 'slip', I beat myself up! I start to feel like a failure. I allow negative thoughts to get in my head, for example, I failed therefore I can't! I'd blow my diet by eating my portion and then finishing the box, bag, package or adding more helpings! I would then say to myself "You blew your diet!" The next day, same thing and so on and so on. So I'd give up!

NOT anymore!! The truth is SOCIALIZING is a part of LIFE! We socialize with family, friends and co-workers. We can't hide from it. We must allow ourselves to enjoy life without deprivation. I believe that allowing yourself a small slice of dessert is ok as long as you refrain from eating more. Hard to do, but possible. If you can make better choices, for example, fruit in a social gathering do that. However, if you're going to feel deprived it isn't going to work. What will probably happen is you will find something else to 'soothe the beast' and you will overeat. However, if that happens, don't ever give up on yourself. It took several months to gain the weight you can't expect to lose it overnight.

So, setting goals.....I am having difficulty meeting one my goals. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling bad that I hadn't met one of them. I promised myself I would start this week.

I began to think this through....About two weeks ago, I was in the hospital because my Glucose rose to 426. This morning, it was 119. I was 3 lbs. heavier and I seriously was eating horribly! Thanks to my son and his encouragement, I joined SP. I started tracking my food and then some (nutrients etc.) (First Goal) I have began to journalize (I've NEVER done this)(Second Goal) and I met one other goal. That other goal is to take at least 20 minutes to eat a meal (Third Goal). I may not accomplish it the conventional way but I am doing it! How? I sit in front of the computer while I'm eating. I am focused on the computer between bites. It actually takes me longer than 20 minutes to eat now! Eventually, I will learn to eat at the slower pace w/out the help of my computer.

The fourth goal I set that I cannot seem to start is EXERCISING. I did not meet this goal. I was feeling bad. Five years ago, I belonged to a gym. I would get home from work, change and run to the gym. I did two classes (1 hour each) 6X a week. I loved it! It became MY nightclub! When I was injured, I had to quit the gym. I began to walk in my neighborhood and found I enjoyed it very much! I realized, for me, it's better to set goals baby step at a time. I may have set too many for starters! Therefore, I am happy that I met THREE goals! I will meet the FOURTH! Perhaps, when I visit mom tomorrow, she and I can take 20 minute walks!

Moral of this story: Know yourself any goal met is an accomplishment!

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