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SP tracker has a 3 3/8" pomegranate as 105 calories, and 26.4 grams of carbs.

I think most fruit/veggies are where you want to get most of your carbs from. You don't fill out your tracker, so people can't see what other carbs you eat, and suggest where esle you might cut some carbs, but you know what you eat, so you probably should track it, but if not, look at your carbs, and make some decisions.

I wouldn't eat a pomegranate, because it has 25 g of sugar. I would eat applesauce, or berries w/whipped cream to get my fruit. Much less carbs, and sugar. However if you just need to cut down a bit, then you probably have hundreds of grams of carbs to cut from, and finding 50 grams should be possible from other sources, allowing you to enjoy your pomegranate. I am sure it is at least as healthy as most food options that the average person eats.

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I bought a pomegranate; I've never had one before but I'm looking forward to eating it. The only problem is that I don't know the serving size and that makes it hard to know how many calories are in it.

One place says that for a pomegranate 4" in diameter you have 240 some calories but another place I looked said that pomegranates only have 105 calories.

What's more troubling, however, is the inconsistency I've found with the amount of carbs in them. The one that says there are a little over 240 calories claim that there are about 50 carbs in one serving size of pomegranates and the other claims around 26.

My doctor told me to watch my carb intake very carefully due to a certain health problem I have.

Does anyone have any solid information on Pomegranates? Calorie/Carb wise as well as serving size?

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