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Well, that entry is a food item that you can add to your tracker by the ounce. The "6 ounce" part represents what you actually input as your portion, and you can adjust that entry. If you only ate 3, 3.5, 4 ounces of fish, just change it.

The "Tilapia (3.5oz or 99.2g)" part is just the description of the food item. All it's really saying is that 3.5oz translates to 99 grams (helpful information for those of us who weigh and measure in metric).

As far as a serving size goes - a serving is whatever size you want it to be. Typically you might serve yourself one tilapia fillet, which is probably give-or-take around 3.5 ounces. But don't worry if you have a big fillet, or want to eat two fillets - "serving size" is just a way of saying "a portion this size has x calories" and isn't meant to be an instruction or direction to "eat only this amount."

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I don't understand what this means. Is it 3.5 oz or 6 oz.?
Tilapia (3.5 oz or 99.2g), 6 oz

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