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7/20/13 5:05 A

Thank you for your helpful response.

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7/20/13 3:46 A

The SP Data Base also has it in weight and cup measurements and we can also choose cooked or raw.


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7/20/13 2:51 A

probably closer to 1 cup to equal 2 x 5" spears. But 1 cup would probably be something you could count as "2 servings" when totalling up how many "servings of fruit and veg" you had for the day.

2 x 5" spears has like 17 calories. A full cup of chopped has 24. Half a cup of "diced" has 12. The calories are so low that really you can have pretty much as much as you want.

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7/19/13 11:56 P

The SP menu recommends 2 5" spears of broccoli; what is that in actual measurements - like 1 Cup, 1/2 Cup...?

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