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2/3/13 1:01 A

Thank you. That's exactly what I was looking for.


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2/2/13 10:32 P

Every fruit and veggie will weigh a different thing. A serving of apple will weigh more than a serving of fresh spinach, for example. Most fruits and veggies are 1/2C per serving, but leafy greens are a cup per serve


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2/2/13 10:30 P

I JUST looked this up today. I get my values from Wolfram Alpha by searching "1/2 cup ____". It'll list a full "nutrition label" including grams. I use 1 cup for leafy veggies.

Cucumber: 67 g
Celery: 60 g
Green Leaf Lettuce: 56 g
Apples: 92 g
Bananas: 75 g
Pears: 70 g

I'm sure you can find any other ones you want on Wolfram, too. Just make sure it's like, "1/2 cup sliced" :)

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2/2/13 9:33 P

For my diet (I'm doing Zone proportions), a serving of fruit or vegetable has 9 grams of carbs. So some carb servings, like banana are small (3" piece) while things like romaine are large (6 cups).

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2/2/13 3:49 P

I'm sure it depends on the fruit or vegetable. Since most are 1/2 C per serving you can "google" .5 C green beans equals how many grams. Or how many grams is an apple or medium banana.


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2/2/13 3:35 P

I was just wondering how many grams is in a serving of veggies/fruit? Does anyone know this? I have not been able to find it in my searches. I've probably just overlooked it and figured someone here would know the answer. Thanks!


My weight loss journey restarted on 1/26/13 at 175.8 lbs. My goal weight is 125lbs.
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