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1/17/14 8:33 P

Thank you, Becky! :)

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1/17/14 8:31 P

Thank you very much, and congrats on your weight-loss! :)

1/17/14 3:32 P

It depends on the food. Some are simple like:
1 cup milk
1 cup ready to eat cereal (corn flakes)
1/2 cup canned applesauce or canned corn

Grains that need to be cooked are tricky. Usually these are listed as a dry measure. For example:
2 ounces spaghetti dry, (is how this is often listed on a label).
But realize that if you compare this to a serving size on "choose my plate" or other exchange type program, you will see that it is a 1/2 cup cooked portion for a serving and the 2 ounces dry is about twice the amount---so really you are getting 2 servings.

Why do they do this??----the company wants you to eat a large portion and more of their food so they make more money.

If you have specific foods that you are confused about, share them---perhaps we can help more.

I think microwave popcorn is the most difficult to figure out. This one always confuses me!

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1/17/14 2:07 P

In general, serving or portion sizes refer to food as you'd eat it. Not as it comes in the package. For instance, a half cup of rice listed as a portion or serving isn't half a cup of dry rice, which would end up being at least a cup or more once it's cooked.

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1/17/14 2:00 P

When it gives you the serving size on the package, is it talking about before prepared or after prepared?

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