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EFFIEANNIE Posts: 4,082
8/24/11 7:41 P

I have the same concern. I have tried some of the Spark recipes and they are very good. But many of them say makes 8 servings. It is so much easier if they would say makes 8
"1 cup servings." It gives calories for 1 serving, but I feel I am just guessing unless I truly divide it into 8 servings. Spark people please take note. I love this site, but I think this would really help me and many others.

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
8/15/11 6:06 P


If the user didn't submit the serving size along with their recipe, then the only way to determine what that size is is by measuring the amount and dividing by the number of servings.

8/15/11 5:20 P

I tried one of your receipes for the chicken tortilla soup for the crock pot and it states that the calories are for 10 servings but it doesn' state what a normal serving size is. How do you base this without measuring out 10 equal servings?

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