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1/31/12 7:36 P

A good friend made a good point to me about this very thing. For probably 20+ years, I have had some eating bad habits. I cannot expect to correct all of these behaviors within weeks when I have been behaving the same way for years!

Some days are better than others. I have stuck to my fitness and calories because I am stubborn. But, there are times that I get overwhelmed thinking of the road I must travel. I want to keep the ultimate goal in mind: to be in a healthy weight range. The weight loss is a benefit of this. I try not to get to attached to the whole idea of weight loss, but I do fantasize about feeling attractive in a cute dress.

When it comes down to it, this is do-able. It is hard, but not unreachable. You all can do it!!! I know you can!!!

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
1/31/12 6:07 P

It's definitely a struggle. I was down to 234 last summer, and now I"m up to's just a matter of doing the work.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,178
1/31/12 11:16 A

It is so hard because for a lot of us, habits are in the core of our being.

It is so hard because habits, though possible, are hard to change.

Like a marriage, you need to work on it every day. Even people who have been at their goal for years still find some days a challenge.

It is hard, but so worth it.

MEOWZ3 Posts: 11
1/31/12 10:54 A

im so upset. it has been one full month and i have not lost one pound. im disappointed in myself because i didnt even bother to fill out my food tracker for 4 days. I ate some things i know i shouldnt have either -just getting down i guess. i have been eating under the amount suggested for me because i have not been able to exercise as much as i want because of back problems. i know if i lost weight my back would probably feel a bit better (and scheduling that orthopedic dr appt too). i vowed to get back on it today but i feel this is so hard. as i sd on an older post (btw i wish i cld find my old posts)-its almost easier for me to starve myself then try to plan meals. i never realized how much calories can add up! im getting so discouraged. but i cant take my weight anymore-SHOULDNT THAT MAKE ME TRY HARDER??? losing weight in the past has never been this hard. emoticon

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/31/12 9:31 A

In my years of working with people on weight loss over the last 20 years (inpatient hospital, outpatient and online settings) there always seems to be one constant -- living a healthier lifestyle takes work, commitment and time to stay on track. When we see others using their time in other ways to do what they want, enjoying eating things we would love to have and "appearing" to love life without all the focus and hard work, we just drift back to that which is easier and more fun. Unfortunately, when we do then we find out all the work was worth it and we really liked ourselves better when we put in the time, focus and energy to love ourselves into a healthier lifestyle regardless of what the scale number said.

Love yourself enough to put in the time, energy and commitment to be the very best you can!

Coach Tanya

COOLEYFAM Posts: 174
1/30/12 3:03 P

A change of lifestyle I difficult. I keep thinking it's worth it though. Just keep trying! :)

HELZIE Posts: 509
1/30/12 2:03 P

If you ever find the answer to this question, you'll have a heap of people wanting to know the secret! I can only say that for me, I want one of those bodies that people feed whatever they want and feel great, and I resent that I don't have it. This isn't an excuse, it's just fact: deep down I like the idea of not having to exercise or watch what I eat!
Everyone slips up, everyone thinks they can do better. For me, I just *had* to make myself get back to it. No choice, just do it. Yes, it's hard work, but because it's hard I promise it makes it worth it! Just don't beat yourself up, and even when you don't want to workout, when you want to make an unhealthy choice, *make* yourslf make he right one. You'll be back to feeling great in no time!
Reward yourself, find some fun workouts to do, try new recipes, anything! Forming the habit is hard, and it only takes one day to break it. Always put that day off.
Best of Luck!

SHELZY68 Posts: 82
1/30/12 1:40 P

So seriuosly, I've fallen off track. I've went back to bad habits and unlearned all of the good things I had learned. I wasn't losing weight anymore, couldn't lose anymore, Just bounced back and forth and still had 75 pounds to lose. After a year of holding steady, something snapped and I let myself get back into the same ole rut of not eating healthy. I started drinking soda again, brought bread back into my diet, sugar back in and now I'm right back where I was over a year ago. Although I got to tell ya, only took me 3 months to gain it all back verses what took me a year to get off. WHY do I do this to myself?

I quit exercising. Why? My husband and I started doing some walking on the treadmill the last few weeks. It didn't do anything for MY weight, his it did of course, but then this past week neither of us did it. So lastnight I said to him, tell me the truth, you haven't walked on the treadmill all week. Can you tell a difference in how you feel? He said "yes, I can tell a difference."

Then I said, "So will you tell me why when we KNOW we feel better by doing it, we still do not do it?" He didn't have an answer for me. Why can I not stay motivated to remain on a healthy lifestyle? This drives me crazy! It has to be my mind and my personality that keeps sabatoging me. It's just crazy!

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