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JMSA67 SparkPoints: (14,751)
Fitness Minutes: (5,564)
Posts: 251
3/7/13 11:08 P

Me too, me too! I would really like this too. It would almost be like one on one accountability. But more people individually. Yeah, something like that. Add me!

Color it up!
BECCAAPPLE SparkPoints: (7,529)
Fitness Minutes: (19,868)
Posts: 33
3/6/13 11:03 A

Hi everyone I really like the idea of this accountability thread!! I have been sparking for a while now I started at over 300 lbs and I am down to 212!! WOO HOO! and let me just say it wasn't easy... without the people here on spark I don't think I would've been able to get through some difficult times I have had you sparkers have helped me save myself from total self destruction.. THANK YOU! I look forward to checking this thread often! and checking in with you all GREAT IDEA!!

SWIMOM Posts: 366
3/6/13 10:32 A

Why Not! Keep this thread going. Everyone can join in on the party emoticon

STEPHMO86 SparkPoints: (1,058)
Fitness Minutes: (145)
Posts: 5
3/6/13 8:22 A

thanks!!:-) I feel like we're making our own support group! Go us!

FIT_BY_30 SparkPoints: (1,570)
Fitness Minutes: (2,061)
Posts: 15
3/6/13 8:04 A

I'm with everyone here. I'm adding you all and then we can go from there. :)

Amanda AKA "Wonder Woman"

HEATHERLOSINGIT SparkPoints: (1,052)
Fitness Minutes: (401)
Posts: 6
3/5/13 5:57 A

I just started SP and would love to have someone to help with my accountability. I typically use the phone app during the day for food and fitness tracking because it is easier when I am not home, but I try at least 3 three times a week to log into the SP site as I am trying to get used to it. If anyone wants to please add me as a friend or send me a message.

STEPHMO86 SparkPoints: (1,058)
Fitness Minutes: (145)
Posts: 5
3/3/13 11:07 P

I need a partner too!! We can do this!

SWIMOM Posts: 366
3/3/13 6:46 P

PM'd you yesterday. Still interested if you are....

REINAROBIN83 SparkPoints: (1,232)
Fitness Minutes: (1,130)
Posts: 91
3/3/13 1:19 P

I would too!! I am getting frustrated because I can't seem to find a team or group that is active in that they check in on each other. They all seem to talk but at each other :/

I would love to have a partner to help me stay accountable as well.


Love yourself........ Take care of yourself......
AILUENE SparkPoints: (8,752)
Fitness Minutes: (10,756)
Posts: 8
3/3/13 11:19 A

I would be willing to be a someone! I also feel like I need someone to check in with every once in a's too easy to get off track when you're flying solo sometimes.

Little steps, big victories.
It's never too late for you as long as you put your mind to it.
CHRISTINASP Posts: 1,856
3/2/13 4:47 P

Just replied to you on your latest blog entry.

Keep it simple.
ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (163,393)
Fitness Minutes: (240,735)
Posts: 23,861
3/2/13 3:44 P

If you have difficulty finding a partner (and it can be hard to find one, so don't despair),
how about setting up a Spark Streak ? That's something simple you can do to stay motivated.

You might even want to check out some of the different Spark Challenge teams too.<

DETERMINEDAT31 SparkPoints: (576)
Fitness Minutes: (159)
Posts: 41
3/2/13 3:22 P

I need someone (or someones) that will check in a few times a week and make sure that I am still going at it and trying to lose the weight and stay on track. I would love for this to be a partnership where I do the same!

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