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PMISHAMRA Posts: 16,422
7/14/10 9:51 A

I wish you the very best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KALVINS_MAMA Posts: 2,657
7/14/10 9:49 A

I'm still wishing you luck! emoticon

IOWEIT2ME Posts: 1,131
7/13/10 4:19 P

You are in my prayers. It will happen!

CEASEFEAR SparkPoints: (6,036)
Fitness Minutes: (1,905)
Posts: 113
7/13/10 2:38 P

In this time of difficulty I wish you all the best. And I hope that even if that one doesn't work out. Another will come immediately and may be even better for you. Always keep your chin up. Don't let it get you down. Things have a way of working out.
I wish you the best. Good Luck.

Carol aka ceasefear

OHIOGAL10 Posts: 643
7/13/10 2:36 P

Been there! Best of luck!

BUDDHABOI Posts: 4,866
7/13/10 2:35 P

Although I don't have the special powers...I definitely wish you all the best & success!

HAPPYCPA1965 SparkPoints: (254,207)
Fitness Minutes: (201,023)
Posts: 11,487
7/13/10 2:34 P

Good luck!

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (42,025)
Posts: 3,659
7/13/10 2:29 P

Good luck and good vibes are heading your way.

SROUS1340 SparkPoints: (114,854)
Fitness Minutes: (31,019)
Posts: 3,131
7/13/10 2:20 P

This home will close in July 2010

KISSATESSA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,039)
Posts: 1,079
7/13/10 2:18 P

emoticon emoticon

Good luck on the home sale. I'm sending my luck to you.

KALVINS_MAMA Posts: 2,657
7/13/10 1:51 P

Wishes sent again today on selling that home! emoticon emoticon

TRYN2BFITAGAIN SparkPoints: (7,965)
Fitness Minutes: (2,589)
Posts: 620
7/13/10 8:38 A

emoticon Good luck!!!

WHEREIS170 Posts: 1,785
7/13/10 8:35 A

You say, lol, "I am the best thing since sliced bread and knowone will ruin my day!"

POKERDONK Posts: 554
7/12/10 11:42 P

Good luck!

MRSBORDERS81 Posts: 33
7/12/10 10:48 P

Speak the verse "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!" There is power in words!

2MCHCHKLIT Posts: 4,011
7/12/10 9:58 P


GINNY1215 Posts: 4,087
7/12/10 9:42 P

Sending best wishes your way to sell that house!

MGPAQUIN Posts: 359
7/12/10 6:46 P

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

7/12/10 5:16 P


ALICIA214 SparkPoints: (304,908)
Fitness Minutes: (223,014)
Posts: 14,798
7/12/10 5:02 P

Sending positive thoughts,good vibes too.
but there is nothing more powerful than Prayer.


SUNSHINE634 SparkPoints: (81,033)
Fitness Minutes: (123,321)
Posts: 5,741
7/12/10 5:02 P

emoticon emoticon positive vibes!

SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,745)
Posts: 5,186
7/12/10 4:46 P

Positive energy coming you way.

7/12/10 1:59 P

Try a St. Joseph statue. I swear by him! Look him up on the internet

WAHOORN96 Posts: 122
7/12/10 1:57 P

Whatever is challenging you is not your master - you are the master of your own choices!
Hang in there!

Edited by: WAHOORN96 at: 7/12/2010 (13:58)
-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,587
7/12/10 1:48 P


WHEREIS170 Posts: 1,785
7/12/10 1:40 P

zzzzzzzzz, shaka shaka shaka, zooooooom zinnnng, walla walla. If that a good vibe! lol

KALVINS_MAMA Posts: 2,657
7/12/10 1:30 P

I send my very best wishes your way. Keep us posted please as we are rootin for you!

7/12/10 1:27 P

positive energy!

SUPER-MOM_ Posts: 61
7/12/10 12:31 P

I have been trying to sell my home for a long time. This past weekend, there was finally an interested buyer.

Please send me your best wishes.

Let this home close in July 2010!

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