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1/20/13 8:04 A

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You've gotten great suggestions. Another I will add is to make sure you leave your gym bag in your car if you don't already. That way, your clothes won't pick up any smell. Good luck!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,197
1/20/13 8:02 A

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You've gotten great suggestions. Another I will add is to make sure you leave your gym bag in your car if you don't already. That way, your clothes won't pick up any smell. Good luck!

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1/19/13 6:36 P

Those read almost exactly like my daily diet! I eat 1 c of chopped broccoli most mornings for breakfast, with eggs, all seasoned with ginger and garlic. Loads of veggies the rest of the day too.

I might try adding the aloe juice and sage tea. I've just started drinking warm lemon water in the evenings, and it really makes me feel great.

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1/19/13 1:08 P

Showering is a great idea, especially a hot shower, opening the pores and cleansing deeper.
I have another idea. I think that the odor resides in your body deeper than your pores. The body has a miraculous way of absorbing things in the environment. Even with good hygiene, which you have, it's good to start with the root of it, which is ultimately causing the scent to remain. I'm not an expert, but I do believe the internal remedy is key. Here's some tips I found:

I hope you find something that helps! Sorry you have to go through this. Social situations like this makes it difficult. Chin up.

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1/19/13 12:59 A

try this --

shower before you work out and shampoo your hair.

When you get home, shower again, but do not wash your hair, just rinse it well.

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1/18/13 4:11 P

Yeah, the state of my hair at work is not of concern. I normally shower at night, so my hair is a bit frizzy at work.

I'm going to try both the shower/shampoo first idea and the shower cap idea. So if anyone out there sees someone wearing a shower cap at the gym, don't laugh!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
1/18/13 3:38 P

How about this: wash your hair at the gym before you work out, and blow it dry. Work out. Don't shower again. Go home. Then the next day go to work as-is. So that you're only washing and drying your hair once/day - should solve the frizzy problem. If you get really sweaty while working out and want to wash your hair a second time, let it air dry. If your hair is getting stinky at work, no one should care that it's not freshly blown out, right?

SILLIJILLI SparkPoints: (58,754)
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1/18/13 3:18 P

Swim caps rip my hair out (maybe I'm using them wrong?)

I found some really cute shower caps on amazon, I think I'll try that!

1/18/13 3:06 P

Maybe try a swim cap?

SILLIJILLI SparkPoints: (58,754)
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1/18/13 2:11 P

I worry I would get too warm with so many layers on my head!

1/18/13 1:49 P

Maybe wear a hoodie over your shower cap so it's not as noticeable?

SILLIJILLI SparkPoints: (58,754)
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1/18/13 11:26 A

There are hair dryers in the locker room, but to wash/dry my hair twice in such a short time period would make it terribly dry and frizzy.

Crazy idea, maybe I could wear a shower cap. Shower with it on, and leave it on while I exercise. Hair gets washed after. I'd get some looks, but nothing worse than I do now.

COXBETH SparkPoints: (8,276)
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1/18/13 11:18 A

My hubs actually ALWAYS showers before he works out. I think it's weird, but it works for him (and he's bald, so no hair issues). If you can, give that a shot on gym days - and look around to see if you can find a small hair dryer. I've got one that folds up and has a retractable cord - it's great for the gym. If the dry shampoo works, that would be even better.

SILLIJILLI SparkPoints: (58,754)
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1/18/13 11:11 A

Thanks for the insights.

I can try showering before working out, maybe wear a snug fitting hat to cover my hair (the idea of working out with wet hair is nauseating). I do have an elliptical at home, and some weights and stuff. On bad days I just need to kick myself to actually work out at home.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
1/18/13 5:53 A

If your gym has a shower, definitely shower before you work out. Just putting on your headphones and ignoring it is not fair. I would be really frustrated/pi$$ed if I paid my gym membership and couldn't work out because a fellow gym member smelled offensive on a regular basis.

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1/17/13 10:35 A

There are tons of stuff out there from 24 hr deordant, to body sprays. If you make excuses , then you wont go! I used to make all kinds of excuses, now there are none. Unless kids have an event at school..

10YEARSDOWN SparkPoints: (2,264)
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1/17/13 10:33 A

I work with amines emoticon - I'll trade you...

I use a quick spray with one of those dry shampoos, or sometimes even dust a little baking soda through my hair, since that's where most of the smell resides. And once a week, I rinse my hair with an ounce of vinegar added into a cup of water.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/17/13 10:27 A

Yeah, I'd do a quick rinse in the shower. I know it seems silly to shower before working out, but in your case, I think it's the right move. If the odor is really that bad, it's not fair to the other members of the gym.

1/17/13 10:24 A

The only advise I could think of was either to take a shower at the gym before working out or going home, take a shadow, then go to the gym.

hope that helps :)

SILLIJILLI SparkPoints: (58,754)
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1/17/13 9:54 A

Let me start by clarifying, this is NOT about normal body odor!

My job involves working with flavor chemicals, many of which are very smelly. I try to avoid becoming contaminated (wear gloves, lab coat, hairnet) but they are very tenacious. The result is that I often smell strongly of "food odors" in an unpleasant way.

The only time it is practical for me to go to the gym is on the way home from work. Even after a complete change of clothes, the odor is noticeable. Nearly every time I visit the gym, I overhear comments about "what is that weird smell?", and watch as people wrinkle their noses as I pass by and move away from me while I'm exercising.

This is really discouraging me from going to the gym at all, and it is upsetting to me. I try to just put on headphones and ignore everything, but it still affects me.

Any advice?

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