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2/17/13 11:56 P

My Sweet, there is nothing like learning some patience. Unfortunately we can't start at the finish line - we have to take that first step (acknowledging and coming here is a good first step), and then the second step, and then third, and so on. There are no shortcuts, in spite of what some adverts may tell us. The person who succeeds is the person who takes it slowly - like the tortoise, as opposed to the hare. It is about making gradual changes, and accepting that there are times that we will fall down, but when that happens, we just have to learn to pick ourselves up again. The falling happens to us all - only some of us manage to pick ourselves back up - WE are the ones who get there!

I don't know what your past is, but try to NOT let it interfere with your future. (I know depression only too well, and the hurt that often goes hand-in-hand with it!) You DESERVE to have a healthy future - and you DESERVE to be so very proud of yourself when you get to where you want to be ............. heck, even BEFORE that :-)

Hang in there, and you WILL make it :-)
Kris xxx

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2/17/13 11:46 P

Thank you. I appreciate your words of wisdom. I do need to let go of my past hurts.
I actually do have a doctor and am on medication for depression. This has all started this week.
I just got done binging...I did stop myself from more but....I realize that I set myself up for high expectation and I get so overwhelmed I fail my self. I have no patience. I know this journey will take a while but I want it now. Thinking like that fueled my binge. I need to use my skills when I'm in that odd craving spot instead of feeding that voice that's in a habit of night eating to comfort.

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2/17/13 9:19 P

Congratulations on realizing WHY you self-sabotage! A lot of people don't get it :-(

Below is a link that you may find helpful:

If you find you are still have problems, then it may be that you need to talk with your Dr about it, and if you don't have a therapist, ask for a referral to one. Often when this type of thing happens, there is a lot of baggage from our past which hinders our ability to move forward. If we can deal with the past, then the future will take care of itself.

Good luck, and remember this - you HAVE the ability to overcome this obstacle.
Kris xxx

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2/17/13 7:44 P

I have had a history of self sabotaging. I have been on and off diets since I could remember.
I was asking myself why I do that the other day and I realized that I'm scared I'm not going to be happy with the new body I will acquire. I'm worried I won't like it even though I worked so hard for it. So I binge and start the cycle again.
I have been doing well since I started again. And have been looking at it as a healthy lifestyle change. I just can't seem to get that lingering thought out of my head.

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