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DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
10/16/13 9:49 A

Congratulations on losing 60 lbs! That's very good & you should be proud of yourself.

You know what you have to do if you want to continue to lose - start tracking your food again! Instead of "grazing", you have to bring the food you eat back to your consciousness by recording it.

You are allowed to "love food". You just have to be choosy about what you love when, and start loving more nutrient-rich food, love it in smaller portions, and stay conscious about what you are doing.

My weight loss calorie range is also in the 1200-1500 range. Unfortunately for me, that's also my maintenance range (due to height and age). The problem with a low calorie range is there is NO wiggle room WHATSOEVER as far as grazing goes. The difference between two cookies and five cookies is a much larger percentage of my allowable food intake than it will be for another person who is allowed even 500 more calories. This has been hard for me to accept, but tracking helps to really bring it home.

You can do it!

MRSPRINCESS2007 Posts: 44
10/15/13 10:49 P

Some additional things to consider:

Perhaps your calorie range is too low for your activity level and current weight. I remember reading something several yrs ago when I completely stalled out. I thought it was asinine but it was certainly true- "You have to eat more to lose more". Sometimes the problem isn't eating less, the problem may be you need to eat more. Your body could have quite honestly gone into starvation mode and is refusing to go lower. try addingin 250-350 calories into your day for a while and see what happens. It did wonders for me! I lost a jean size in less than 6 weeks.

Has your body found it's ideal weight? Just because we mentally want a certain weight, that doesn't mean that's the weight that is natural and "right" for you as an individual. Forget about BMI, it's a farce, a HUGE once at that. Go by how you feel... aside from hungry and carb-lusting.

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (264,516)
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10/15/13 12:51 P

Know the feeling(s) & frustrations... Each time I lost, it seemed like it would "take." But now, that I'm older (over 50) the yo-yo effect plus stress seems to have locked on the weight and it is NOT budging no matter what amount of activity or food limiting I do.

I'm not sure whether to just give up and stay 20 #'s overweight (because that is what I return to). I don't give a lot of credit to "set point," but it is most discouraging to not see any improvement at this age & stage.
(My weight goal was based on an MD's recommendation. Not a random number.)

I'm trying to maintain perspective and decide that being healthy is more important than the number on the scale.

ZURILAC Posts: 10
10/15/13 8:43 A

I agree, some foods are addictive and some people are more sensitive to certain additives than's good to have that awareness. We wouldn't tell an alcoholic to drink in moderation. I think find alternative versions would be better and less likely to trigger an eating binge and keeping a healthy attitude goes a long way. One day at a time. Use spark tools etc

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
10/14/13 5:23 P

I pretty much went through the exact same thing. I started off at 330 pounds back in 2009. It took a lot of trial and error, but I got down to 238 pounds through moderation. I then gained to 260 and fluctuated between 250-265 between 2011 and now. I have absolutely no problem enduring exercise. It's the food that I desperately struggle with. I think those foods are highly addictive (it's not just an opinion, it's actually backed up by some research) and using moderation may work, but for someone like me who struggles with portion control, it just makes it easier to slip back into old habits and to justify it when I do ("I had one yesterday,l but two today won't hurt me. I'll just have less tomorrow"). I feel like the best option for me is to severely limit, or completely eliminate processed foods altogether. If I want something sweet, I'll make a healthier version of something. Not only that, but I notice that when I'm eating less processed foods, my exercises feel more efficient. I don't feel all gummed up or slowed down which allows me to focus better, and endure a more strenuous workout.

FITREBEL SparkPoints: (70)
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10/14/13 3:37 P

What will you gain by losing 30 more pounds? In other words whats at stake? You've come this far and what you need is an extra push to reach your ultimate goal.

At this point it seems that you're mentally fatigued because you've been fighting temptations for a long time. Either eliminate these temptations or find a more tangible reason to lose 30 pounds that will give you the inspiration to achieve your goal.

PERFECTVELVET SparkPoints: (64,117)
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Posts: 6,377
10/14/13 2:54 P

Probably because it's easier to quit. Sugar tastes better. It's less hassle. Even when you reach your goal weight, it's still going to be tough!

Since you know what you need to do, it's time to just do it. First, make sure you're at the right nutrition range. I don't know how much you weigh or what you're aiming for, but make sure you're eating enough (I recommend changing your settings so when you input your fitness, it ups your calorie range) for the amount of activity you're doing. Then start over. Get rid of all the cookies (you can still eat them in moderation, but don't keep them around the house). Aim for the 8 cups of water a day. Get that tracker keyed up again and start using it faithfully. Take baby steps, like you're starting all over again.


MELJONES3478 SparkPoints: (15,754)
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10/14/13 2:41 P

I know what my problem is...I love food. I thought I had conquered it but apparently not. I started my journey in August 2012 and I have lost 60 lbs so I know what I need to do to live a healthy life. The first 9 months of my journey was a piece of cake (pun intended)...but the last 3 months I have been struggling. I am "grazing" again, I will eat 5 cookies instead of 2 and while I am doing it I am telling myself that I should not be eating this but I do it anyway. I have not cut anything out of my diet. I just eat in moderation and I eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies a day and my calorie range is 1200 - 1500. This was easy breezy at first...but now I struggle to get my fruits & veggies in, I am going over my calorie range. I still workout so I am burning calories and not gaining any weight...but I am not losing either and I still have around 30 lbs to lose. Why am I intentionally doing this? I dont get it. I want to continue with my healthy lifestyle...but I am having a hard time walking past the cookie jar...or the table without grazing. I have not been using the nutrition & fitness tracker faithfully either. In the beginning I never missed a day of tracking---Please help.

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