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8/21/12 2:31 P

I won't repeat helpful advice posted by others- when you get a craving for something that doesn't fit into your goals, wait 15 minutes before caving (and try not to think about it at that time)- go for a walk, have some water, call a friend, read a book. Often that'll help the craving pass!

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8/21/12 11:55 A

I am still very much on the front end of this journey but here are a few things that I learned since I started:

1) I don't keep junk food in the house. If we have chips, Oreos and Ben and Jerry's in the house then I will eat them. If I have apples, oranges, strawberries or grapes in the house, then I will eat those. I have to keep the junk out and the healthy foods stocked.

2) I LOVE ice cream and have made the happy discovery of Skinny Cow and Healthy Choice ice cream treats. I don't allow myself to eat them every day, but do allow myself "dessert" a couple of times a week. This allows me to have my sweets, but in a way that is not going to pack on 28g of fat and 56 gs of carbs in one setting.

3) It is a process. I'll be honest, that even though I am down 9.8lbs since starting, I am frustrated that I am not seeing the physical changes just yet. Look at this, not as a diet, but a lifestyle change.

4) This is a GREAT place to come for support when feeling frustrated or just needing a little extra encouragement along the way.

Hang in there and remember you CAN do this!


BRITOMART Posts: 7,705
8/21/12 11:40 A

You say you 'shovel' in things you like. Is the problem the things themselves or the size of the portions? Most food isn't "bad" in and of itself (ok, soda hasn't much going for it) but the amount we eat and what we don't eat because we fill up on less nutritional options is 'bad' for our health

I, for instance, like dark chocolate very much. If I gave it up altogether (I've tried!) I am not a happy camper, and tend to go nuts when I get any. On the other hand, 20 grams or so every few days is very manageable, and keeps my pleasure in it without my having to wear it. There are other things I have to leave out entirely. I had to learn which were which,and develop strategies for each kind.

This also stops my guilt. What's the joy in eating something you like if you are thinking how bad it is while you do it? That's really doubly-counterproductive.

Takes practice (time) and awareness-which you already have! Decide which things have to go completely, and which can be ENJOYED with care and pleasure.

Good success to you.

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/21/12 7:16 A

Well, firstly, good for you for identifying the issue.
That's step one.

Next little steps, if you need to do it in small increments would be:

- replace a particular item that is your trigger with something more healthy.
- instead of reaching for a snack; do something else, like read, do a hobby, etc.
- get moving; even if it's only a walk outside for a few minutes
- get your family involved in deciding to be healthier (no lectures, just a conversation about where you'd like to be in 'x' number of months or years - together)
- track everything, even if you're not entirely happy with the choices you've made

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8/21/12 6:53 A

I struggle with this too, especially if it is brought into the house [by my husband]. A good way to combat it is to bring in healthy foods like fruits and veggies and always make sure to have them on hand. I have even gone so far as to throw in the garbage some foods that were really bothering me last week [although that was risky around here]. He still brings in cookies and stuff so now I have to try and ignore them. I succeeded in at least eating only four at a time when I caved in a few days ago although that is not great. Last night I was still hungry [a low calorie high exercise day] so I remembered I have a "back up" snack in case I get hungry at night or have chocolate/sweets cravings so................I purposely made myself a cup of "black" tea [I am easing myself out of sweet things slowly] and a chocolate LUNA bar [my special reserved snack] and ate it as slow and purposefully as possible. After that I shut off the tv, brushed my teeth, and went up to bed [instead of staying up where temptation would lurk].I hope that in some way this helps you. It is a daily struggle but I can overcome this.

8/20/12 10:25 P

I struggle with that too. I know something is not good for me but I just keep eating and more and more of it. But I think step one is that you realize it. I have been trying to be more conscious about every bite that goes into my mouth (even if I am eating in front of the tv because eating by yourself is lonesome if you are staring at a blank white wall). It has made me realize that I am fuller before I think I am. So even if I am eating something that is not exactly what I should be eating, I am conscious of it and how my body is feeling. Sorry to say I think this is just a working progress of accepting a new healthy lifestyle. You can't go from one day being a teller at a bank to the next day being the CEO of a multinational million dollar company. So don't be so hard on yourself for all the things you eat. Moderation is the key. You could try finding healthy substitutes for your favorite foods. Like dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate in the fun size. Or skinny cow now has some chocolate snacks that are portion controlled that are good. There ice cream is also good. You can do it. emoticon

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8/20/12 10:00 P

I know I need to loose weight... I don't like the way I look yet I don't have the self restraint to not eat the things I enjoy.... chocolate, ice cream... Dr.Pepper etc. How do you stop yourself from indulging? As I shovel these foods that I know aren't good for me or helping me loose weight I am thinking about how bad they are.

Any advice is appreciated!!!

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