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ALIBELLA81 Posts: 47
10/15/13 7:47 A

I completely understand! I work at a cardiology practice and the food we get almost everyday from drug reps are crazy! I'm going to do my best to limit my lunches there 2 times a week max. I think a good way to help from giving in to cravings or just eating like crazy is to distract yourself. If you are able to from work even jumping on here and reading the message board will help me because it will remind me of my goal. I did see a nutritionist and she suggested that if I must try something from the lunches just follow the three bite rule.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
10/15/13 7:30 A

do you work in the office breakroom? if not, why are there things under your nose? if someone plopped them there, pass them on. if no one wants the cookie plate by their desk people will eventually stop bringing in cookies, particularly if no one is willing to sit near the cookie plate. if you work in foodservice it's disgusting if you are eating over customers' food. if you work in reception you need to remember that the treats are for guests, not you.
if you're having cravings, figure out ways to indulge your craving for fewer calories. if you love pizza, make your own [half an english muffin -100 cals, a slice of cheese-70 cals, a Tablespoon of sauce -10 cals, a few slices of vegetables]. it's not going to hit quite the same spot as a slice from pizza hut, but it's going to get you close for under 200 cals. that's not to say you can't have your favorite slice ever again, but if you opt for the lower cal option more often, than means you can have something you like and lose weight/maintain. also, look into frozen family sized pizzas. some of the the thin crusts have decent info. i get a whole pie, get it home from the store, cut it into quarters and then eighths, and then wrap two pieces in foil and store them in the freezer. a third of the pizza runs about 330 cals, so 1/4 of it is about 250 cals. a lot of other people love using cauliflower to make the crust of the pizza. still others use a portabella cap instead of an english muffin, pita, or other crust. all of these little changes let you enjoy the food you love for fewer calories.
if you love pasta dishes, start finding vegetables that you enjoy with the pasta dishes. a cup of pasta will run you about 200 cals. a cup of zucchini or broccoli or squash is going to be about 50 cals. if you have half a cup of pasta and half a cup of vegetables, that's 125 cals instead of the 200 cals for the plain pasta. and if what you really love is the sauce, not the pasta, have sauces like alfredo over steamed broccoli.
if you love brownies, start looking to make the recipes that use prunes or black beans. try going more oatmeal based on cookies, making half batches instead of full batches, making more cookies for the same amount of batter or dough [if your recipe makes 50 cookies that have 100 cals each, if you make 100 cookies instead each cookie will only have 50 cals], freezing part of the dough you make, and not eating just cookies in a sitting [perhaps an oatmeal cookie with an apple and peanut butter].
and don't beat yourself up. most people do snack on stuff if it's left by them.

MAGPIE843 SparkPoints: (9,003)
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10/15/13 7:21 A

Don't beat yourself up over the occasional snack attacks. You cannot deprive yourself always. If you feel that bad do some exercise to burn a few calories.

ANNELISEB7 SparkPoints: (713)
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10/15/13 6:51 A

I think when I get cravings it's when I'm hungry and don't eat... but other times, like today it might just have been boredom and the availability of the wrong food right under my nose... :( I have walnuts and a fruit roll up, which I think I forgot about, so that could also be why...

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/15/13 6:48 A

while I understand that often we eat when we are not hungry, are you in fact hungry, and just grabbing what is most available?

Planning ahead and bringing snacks to work that will fit into your meal plan are keys to success.

ANNELISEB7 SparkPoints: (713)
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10/15/13 6:28 A

I am really fed up with my weight but it seems no matter how "serious" I think I am, I can't seem to resist the urge to indulge... either I will have debilitating cravings or someone will leave a whole serving dish full of left over cookies under my nose at work which I'll resist up to a point but will ultimately give in and have not just one but FOUR biscuits! And now I am so disappointed in myself, I feel like crying!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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