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CLEE2830 Posts: 963
11/13/13 7:29 A

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I definately have some great ideas to choose from.

Yes, AZULVIOLETA6, mac and cheese has been a traditional Thanksgiving dish for my family, and my husband's family. We forego the mashed potates.

Again, thanks everyone! emoticon

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11/13/13 2:36 A

Mac and cheese is not a traditional Thanksgiving dish, is it? I've never seen it as part of a holiday meal.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
11/12/13 11:07 P

I agree with the others turkey is lean, have steamed green beans and as far as the mac and cheese you can buy green giants broccoli and cheese mix it with whole wheat macroni and a low fat baby bell I saw that on the hungry girl show and it looked really good! As a matter of fact I want to try that.
You can always put your turkey in a bed of lettuce and other salad fixings thats what I'm going to do this year and I'm not making stuffing I'm going to make that for Christmas when we have family over because I'm the only one that eats the stuffing out of the 3 of us and it will just go bad... Good luck!

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11/12/13 4:47 P

Wow those are great links ZombieCat . Thanks for posting

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
11/12/13 4:04 P

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/12/13 3:50 P

stick with the old school for one day. One meal is not going to derail you unless you continue the behavior past that one meal. this is the one day that i overindulge. It has never derailed me because the next day I am back on plan.

Depending on how long you have been eating healthy, your body will certainly tell you when you have had enough. Mine does.

MLEHTO Posts: 734
11/12/13 3:15 P

I also tend to like the tried and true and somehow when you try to make a traditional recipe more healthy it just doesn't have the same effect as the traditional.

So what I try to do is watch the portion sizes and decide ahead of time what it is that I would really miss if I didn't have at Thanksgiving. Is it Aunt Bea's pumpkin pie? Or is it Uncle Fred's oyster stuffing? Then I figure out what I really don't care about. I'm not a huge gravy fan so mashed potatoes and gravy don't always make it on to my plate. I still make it a healthy balanced meal with turkey, green beans, etc. And then I add those one or two things that I absolutely have to have, and call it good.

JRRING Posts: 1,534
11/12/13 2:50 P

roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,425
11/12/13 2:26 P

I wholeheartedly agree that a traditional Thanksgiving feast can fit into a healthy life. Just mind your portions. If you are concerned, bring a food scale and/or measuring cups. Also, you can maybe cut back a little in the days proceeding the big event to help balance your total caloric intake.

And maybe limit the starchy stuff. I personally stick to the mashed potatoes and gravy. And heap on the green beans.

Personally, I have run a 10k for the last 4 years on Thanksgiving and will again this year. I don't use exercise to allow for gluttony but it helps me balance everything out. Maybe you could take a family walk or play a friendly game of touch football or something to add a little movement.

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11/12/13 1:12 P

turkey breast
turkey gravy
baked potato
green beans or green peas
cranberry sauce (homemade! the stuff in a can is an abomination!)
green salad
pumpkin pie

As long as you are careful about portion size, you can make that into a rather large but healthy meal. Last year I had Thanksgiving dinner and did not even go over 1200 calories for the day.

BUFFLIECE Posts: 522
11/12/13 9:25 A

Traditional Thanksgiving foods are not all bad. Like LEC358 said turkey is lean. Green Beans on their own are awesome. Mashed Potatoes need tweaking a bit (skim milk instead of cream and let each person add butter instead of putting the whole stick in). I've made stuffin' muffins. Eat the appropriate serving sizes. Wanna feel that traditional stuffed to the gills feeling? Eat a salad or crudites before. There are lots of salad dressings that are low cal. I like creamy ones, I'd go with yogurt based. If pumpkin pie is your thing...find a low sugar OR crustless OR something that tatsea like pie but isn't pie kind of dessert recipe online. You get the flavor but not all the calories.

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11/12/13 8:24 A

Well, turkey is already a fairly lean protein, especially if you don't eat the skin. Instead of a green bean casserole, how about steamed green beans with some lemon juice and sesame seeds? For me, the food of Thanksgiving is an important part of the memory so I don't change the recipes too much, just watch the portions.

CLEE2830 Posts: 963
11/12/13 8:05 A

Good morning all!

I am an old-fashioned gal that is used to having the traditional Thanksgiving meal; turkey, dressing, gravy, rolls, mac & cheese, green beans, pie, etc. This year, my hubby and I are spending Thanksgiving with our youngest daughter (22) who is working alot and we decided to drive to see her.

I want to have a traditional meal, but would like to make is low calorie and very healthy. I know I could skip the traditional foods and have salads, but does anyone have low calorie recipes (tried and true) that you could share with me?

Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving!


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