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1/31/13 12:42 P

Welcome to spark people..
It will really make a difference especially if you use the food and exercise trackers.

Here is part of an article I really enjoyed today..

Coming Back from a Binge
So let's say it's been a rough week and you binged on one or more foods. It doesn't matter whether it was your favorite flavor of ice cream, healthy foods from your "approved" list, or anything you could get your hands on. Now what? Here's a list of dos and don'ts to get you back on track:

DON'T beat yourself up over it. We’ve all had those days at some point, and you can't change what happened in the past.
DO move forward and make your next meal or snack a healthy, portion-controlled one.
DON'T overly restrict your diet over the next few days to "make up for being bad." This will make you more likely to continue the cycle of deprivation dieting and binging.
DO focus on making the best food choices you can each day, focusing on lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water. But continue to allow yourself to enjoy that small piece of dark chocolate (or other portion controlled treats) on occasion.
DON'T punish yourself at the gym after a binge. Stick to your usual exercise routine. Maybe go for an extra walk or do some other light activity in addition to your workouts, but try to avoid the mindset of "working off" the calories you consumed. This, too, can lead to an unhealthy cycle of binging and over-exercising.

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1/31/13 12:13 P

Welcome to sparkpeople! I really do think it helps so much with a supportive community around you and you will get that here. Great first step i hope to hear about your weight loss with blogs and in groups

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1/31/13 12:00 P

Hi, After years of trying to lose these extra pounds on my own, I was introducted to this program and am excited to be challenged by many others with the same problems and interests. I look forward to see the numbers of the scale go down and the inches from the waist and hips silip closer to healthy numbers. I am recently retired from full time employment and miss the interaction with people so I am looking forward to making many friends on this site.

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