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TIGER_LILY_613 Posts: 519
7/29/13 9:16 P

Welcome back ! You sound very motivated ! Congratulations on your first blog emoticon The Spark Community is very active and very supportive. With your motivation and their positive reinforcement, your all set to reach your goals emoticon

DOOYASH Posts: 2
7/29/13 7:57 P

Thank you JamBaby0 for your encouragement and the guidance, a little of strategy seems to be the key sometimes. I will keep my Spark Surfing and see where it gets me.

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7/29/13 2:39 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon to Spark People!! emoticon

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
7/29/13 1:05 P

Hi and welcome, So glad you are here to make a change! The best way to stay active for me is join teams that have active challenges. So I join some teams and try them for one month (give or take a day), if in that time there are no active challenges and no promises of one coming soon I leave the team and find one to take it's place. Good luck on your journey

DOOYASH Posts: 2
7/29/13 12:54 P

Good day! I've had a rather inactive membership to Spark with occassional search for healthier ways to cook. Today, I started to surf different communities and couldn't believe how ACTIVE the members are. I like it so much it has motivated me to first "blog" and introduction. I am seeking ways to stay active and would definitely use the encouragement and possibly, involvement in active ways to stay healthy. I am here to stay!

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