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I've seen some chair workouts posted on youtube that can be very challenging. So, if you'd like to try more, search YOUTUBE. they have a variety posted.

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7/2/14 3:25 P

I usually save my exercise for the evening, but just found out that our evening is packed with some family plans. No big deal, but I feel odd not having done "something" before I go to bed, so I decided to finally try one of the seated workouts at work. Shut the door to my office, kicked off my heels, left the 11-minute seated cardio video on mute and followed along by watching. Thank you! I thought it might be a bit easy, but I was surprised that it did actually get my heart rate up a bit! Might not be the same intensity I'd get doing some of the my other go-to workouts, and it didn't make me sweat (thank goodness, at work in work clothes) though if it were much longer it might have, but it was perfect for what I needed!

Love it! I'm bookmarking it for other days! I might just start doing it daily on top of my other, it felt great!

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