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SUE5007 Posts: 720
2/27/13 4:05 P

I haven't tried any of these, but maybe they'll give you some ideas?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,299)
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2/27/13 10:40 A

Make sure you have your doctor's approval on any exercise program before you start it, but you can start ehre on the SP limited mobility lifestyle center for ideas. :)

LBUNKER1965 SparkPoints: (5,451)
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2/27/13 10:25 A

cycling with pedals out in front of you

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (81,518)
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2/27/13 10:06 A

How about swimming or using a hand bike?

EVERLEARNING SparkPoints: (106,756)
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2/27/13 10:04 A

I've been having a great deal of trouble with my feet, and my doc says I should not be doing aerobics. YIKES!
Does anyone have suggestions for cardio that I can do without my feet bearing my weight?


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