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11/20/12 9:08 P

Dona, so good to hear from you. I get so behind with my responses. I have good intentions then forget to do what ever I planned to get done.
This will be my first Thanksgiving without my husband, I know that will be hard. He was gone for Christmas as he passed away on his birthday, the 10th of Dec. The family is sort of split up now with my grand son's marriage (his wife is preparing a meal for her family) our daughter in NC may be here around the 7th of Dec. but don't know if other kids will be able to come down then. My youngest son has not been feeling well so he might not be able to come. We will be happy with those who can show up.We are going to Carson City, NV. if no snow is predicted for Thurs. I am a little apprehensive about how I will be able to get around, but want to try it. There are stairs involved so that is going to be interesting. I will change to a wheel chair and several strong men think they can get me up the steps. Well, guess I didn't need to go into all that.
How is Nathan doing? Hope he has licked the cancer. Our daughter in NC has had colon cancer twice, so far so good. You have a very nice looking family. And you have done well on your weight loss. I am just barely crawling along. Will keep at it though. Sending you hugs, Betty... emoticon

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11/20/12 4:20 P

emoticon emoticon Hope u have a great Thanksgiving. emoticon

Glad to see you posting. Yes, we have exchanged "hellos" before. Hope your thumb feels better. I've been taking care of my GD, Chanel Ava since she was born and she's seven months now and trying to get into everything. She's on my lap so it is hard to type. She's a good baby, though. I'm 63, so she keeps me busy. I have two other GDs, Grace Olivia and Lily Dona.

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11/10/12 5:38 P

Hi Dee, am a little slow in answering your note. It seems that here is always something that has to be done before I get back to my original plan. I was so happy to hear from you. I have been "nursing" a sore thumb. Boy, one would not think so much pain could come from it. It was my own fault. I do have arthritis and one day I heard my right thumb clicked when I bent it. Soooo, all day long I was not thinking but clicking it. A couple days later I woke up to this horribly sore thumb. My doc said to wear a brace on it and that has helped. (I was there for something else) It does remind me not to try to pick up something big with it, as then you could probably hear me yell!! My dog was so upset he came over to me and barked when I was still sort of moaning,
Don't know if it will ever get well. My body arthritis does not hurt as much.
I haven't heard from my cousin's whether they have had much snow yet. We don't always send messages, mainly cute emails.
We have had some rain, I have not had to get out in it too much with the dog. Of course that won't be the case when the storms really come.
I have been sort of lonesome since my daughter who normally comes each weekend has been gone. She is in Thailand! A friend takes people on trips and she decided to go. She should be back by this next Friday eve. She is in charge of my finances so will be happy she can help me decide on a vision and eye ins. My ins. did not have that included. My macular degeneration needs some attention I think.
My daughter in law said they had 2" of snow in Carson City NV. Heard that they were requiring chains on some roads going up to Tahoe. So glad I don't have to take the dog out in snow!!
Not too much goes on during the weekend, tomorrow they do have a worship service (every other week) not a real sermon but reading a verse or two and then expounding on them. I don't know most of their songs, but still nice to attend.
Time to get busy around here. I need to do some more sorting greeting cards that I brought from home, my mom used to sell them and I have quite a few to separate. I can't write as my hand won't allow it. I can get a couple of letters down and then my hand cramps.
Keep me informed on how you are doing. Sending hugs, Betty emoticon

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11/9/12 5:28 P

Hello Betty,
How are you doing? It's definately Nov here in Minnesota. I am just not getting my winter skin on this year. Just feels damp and cold.
They are calling for snow all week and I'm hoping that will help instead of this rain.
I hope your weekend turns out great.

Posts: 2,417
7/13/12 4:09 P

Jibbie, did we not correspond before? This memory thing is a nuisance. But your name rang a bell. I am doing fairly well with eating but there are slip ups. I just got home from Target and even though I was in my chair I am still tired. OK, just wanted to check with you. Hope you have been doing well. Hugs, Betty

Posts: 54,312
7/13/12 8:13 A

emoticon Lots of hugs, Hon. We can do this.

Posts: 2,417
7/11/12 12:31 A

First of all I will introduce myself. I am Javagal47 here but really am Betty Inglima of Sacramento and the area since 1938. I have been in and out of Spark People since '06. Would get discouraged and let things slide. I am back and seriously trying to get at least 50 lbs off by May or June of 2013. I am in a power chair because I had polio in 1952 and post polio syndrome in mid seventies. I have managed to get almost 18 lbs off since Jan. But it is slow going. It can be done but not easy. I do jump for joy when I read the success stories here, and the information given to us is overwhelming. I hope we all can achieve our goals with our friends from here to help. NOW as the saying goes "there's method in my madness" I do have a problem with memory and often put off things I really want to do but it does not get done. Here's my problem: I belong to several groups and at one of them I "met" a person who lives in my home state MN. She even knew where my home town was and was familiar with other areas such as where my fathers birth place was (Montevideo) We corresponded a couple of times and then I had a spell of depression (lost my husband of 64 years on Dec. 10th, his 91st birthday) and did not keep up with the correspondence. I have looked for hours to see if I could find her, but I don't remember her name, only think that there were some numbers after her Spark name. I am hoping and praying that she is here somewhere so we can visit some more. I will leave messages at my teams too, but hoped this might work. Sorry to take so much of your time, but we are all family RIGHT? Wishing you all well. If any one wants to talk I'll be here, hugs, Betty emoticon

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