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You are definately heading in the right direction. I have found the spark coach to be helpful as well! With regard to the exercise part I know it is hard...but you may want to consider it like a job. Your job doesn't end until it is done. For me it is immediately when I get home from work. I also started watching movies when I was on the treadmill or bike. It helped because there was no commercial interruptions through the DVD so I wasn't looking at the time. Hope this helps! emoticon emoticon

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I've been a member of spark for quite awhile now, but somewhere along the way I lost that "spark" I loved so much. I log in daily, I read articles, I earn my points, but I've halted at losing weight because I've lost my motivation to push harder to get over a hurdle.
Well I've decided to start over, at phase one, I joined spark coach to get some extra help and I'm becoming a lot more active on the boards again.
I'm starting to log anything and everything I eat again. Now I'm asking for motivation and inspiration on how to get my working out more consistent again. I feel so lethargic and tired all the time, I usually get home from work, cook dinner and pass out on the couch...can anyone offer up advice of how to get my foot out that door to walk instead of sitting on that couch?

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