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BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
8/22/14 11:37 P

I think you are absolutely correct!! emoticon

SOCPAGE Posts: 267
8/21/14 6:03 P

My guess is that you saw a picture of MACARONS. Not macaroons.

Macarons are light french tea cookies, most frequently stuck together with something sweet. Google Macarons images and see if you don't see what you are looking for

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
8/14/14 2:31 P

I HAVE NOT YET given up on the pastel cookies. That pecan tea cookie recipe could be colored by adding paste food coloring to the liquid prior to adding to the flour.

I'll look some more tonight. Some of the cakes on the pinterest site were pastel pink and green. Perhaps they would tell how to color the dough.

PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
8/14/14 10:39 A

Thank you. They looked very good. I just had my heart set on the pastel colors of those cookies as they looked so perfect for a celebration of spring. Maybe I can just make some easy press cookies with some food coloring and use raspberry or peanut butter filling to hold them together for extra moisture and flavor.
I went to the link. I loved the way the pictures showed each step of the recipe for the tea cakes.
I appreciate your taking the time to get back in the forum!

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
8/13/14 11:21 P

I'm sorry. I didn't see the sandwich cookies you mentioned. But I wanted to share a link to my favorite English Tea Cookie. Not too sweet. EASY. Few ingredients. Smell great. Taste even better. Freeze well. Pack up in tins well for gift giving. I use my mini muffin pan that does 24 cookies at a time. The walls are straight and are the perfect size to add a pecan or walnut.

I'm going in search of the pastel sandwich cookies now.

Okay, I couldn't find them on Spark Recipes either. But there are some spectacular tea snacks at this link on Pinterest:

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PEANUT-M-MS Posts: 369
8/13/14 2:19 P

Today's Spark People extras had a go-to web for treats to go with Tea. It showed tempting pastel sandwich cookies stacked on a plate. When I clicked on it, there were hundreds of recipes for tea, but I didn't find a recipe for the cookies in the picture. I didn't go thru all 17 pages of recipes - only 4. Maybe I wasn't patient enough. Does anyone have a recipe for those sandwich cookies? Our Women's Social Club has a tea party in the spring for which we take in cookies. I'd love to have this particular recipe as it was so stunning. I'll go check SP cookie recipes.

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