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5/22/11 12:16 A

My husband scuba dives in area lakes and he says he feels like its quite a workout.

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5/21/11 11:34 P

The Rate of Perceived Exertion can be difficult to self-estimate for scuba diving, as many of the normal cues as to how hard you are working are misleading while diving. As you are surrounded by water, you don't really build up excess heat. And because you are breathing air at pressure, you don't need to take as many breaths to deliver oxygen to your muscles.

However, you are working against considerable resistance. One thing you could do is briefly stop and check your pulse rate for 10 seconds or so to see how hard you are working.


SCUBAGAL07 Posts: 593
5/21/11 8:32 P

I'm not sure how many calories it burns but I know when my hubby and I go diving we usually do several dives in our local lake and I am pretty beat when we are done. I love the is so awesome!

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5/21/11 7:22 P


Calories expenditure is based on the amount of oxygen one consumes based on activation of the large muscles involved which in turns increases one's heart rate in order to deliver oxygen to the working muscles. Remember these numbers are just estimates so try not to get too hung up on the numbers. Coach Nicole wrote a blog on exercise myths, which I linked below. I hope this helps!


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5/21/11 7:14 P

Hey to all you divers out there! So yesterday I went scuba diving for a 45 minute dive and when I plugged it in to spark it said I burned around 300 calories! That just seems incredibly high for an activity so easy as diving. Most of it is just very slow swimming. Does this seem high to anyone else? I just don't understand. Thoughts?

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