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So, my plans to go work out at the gym were cancelled because of traffic and my inability to get out of bed- and since I have church tonight I can't go after work. So, I'm moving my strength training to tomorrow (Saturday) and I'll have to fit in 40 minutes of cardio elsewhere.

My job is babysitting, and since there's no homework on Fridays there will be a lot of free time- so I figured I would have the girl (she's 7) spend some time out on her bike for a little while.

My bike is broken, however, I have an 10-11 year old razor scooter (one of the original ones). I thought that I'd bring my scooter along with me and ride it while she rides her bike.

However, there's no "scooter" on the tracker- and I don't have a heart rate monitor. How am I supposed to figure out my calorie burn for riding a scooter? Is there an exercise that should give me a similar calorie burn that I can use for tracking purposes?

Lissa Krisitne

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