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Sciatic nerve pain

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Posts: 27
2/22/13 9:33 A

Thanks everyone! I'm going to see if I feel better after I lose a few more pounds, and also see a chiro and have a massage. Some days are better than others, as you probably know! Also stopped wearing heels to work this week, I think that might have helped a little. We will see!

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2/21/13 9:51 P

You should see your doctor, or chiroprator. It's difficult to function with such pain. I am talking from experience. emoticon to hear of your discomfort

Posts: 72
2/21/13 8:29 P

I agree, I would contact your doctor. I hope it gets better! I previously had times when I could barely walk because of the sciatic can be awful :( I get sciatic pain caused from a back problem that I was diagnosed with as a teenager. For whatever reason since I started exercising regularly the discomfort and back problems have been so much better and rarely cause me problems at all now. I do know that when I start something new (like a new exercise DVD) it can sometImes cause a little pain but nothing like I have previously experienced. I had a physical therapist and she gave me exercises I could do to try and help my back. I also have to be careful how I bend or turn/twist because that can easily tweak something in my back.

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2/21/13 6:56 P


If you are in such pain that you find walking difficult, you may want to contact your doctor to determine the cause of your sciatic pain. Exercising while in pain, may prolong the sciatic issue or may create other issues up and down the kinetic chain as you may alter the way you do an activity to compensate for the pain which may create other issues.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

Posts: 27
2/21/13 6:28 P

Does anyone else here have sciatic nerve pain? I find that I only have pain when I cross a certain weight...obviously I'm too heavy, but now it hurts to move, even walking is excruciating and almost crippling. How do you exercise with this pain?

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