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2/4/12 9:23 P

I always go to the health club right after breakfast/ Just part of mt schedule

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2/4/12 8:59 P

I make it a morning appointment. Treat it like any other appointment. It has become a routine and now don't even have to try to fit it in. Just go to the gym at about 9:00 and out by 11:00

A.DRAGONFLY Posts: 143
2/4/12 10:53 A

One of the things I love about retirement is my life is not controlled by the calendar and the clock. However, I have learned that it can be harder to make exercise a part of your day when you do not have a routine lifestyle.

I do not eat or sleep at the same time every day in a week. I do not do home chores or volunteer tasks or days off on the same day each week. Here are some things I tried.

------Set an alarm clock-------------------------------------
I tried various times of day and set an alarm clock. For example, 1 hour after breakfast, noon; 3 p.m. That did not work for me. I would turn the alarm off and say I will do it later in the day. I learned that once my day started and I had jumped into whatever I was doing that day that I was reluctant to stop and change gears.

------Something I do every day---------------------------------------
I go to sleep. Exercising before I go to bed at night did not work for me. One of two things would happen. (1) I would be too tired (2) I would get my body revved up and could not go to sleep for another 2 hours.

I eat breakfast. I would tell myself I should wait an hour after eating. If I started doing something, once again I did not want to stop. If I sat for an hour, for example reading a book to pass the time, I would get lethargic and not want to move.

I wake up. Exercising when I wake up is the only thing that has worked so far. Some mornings it can be hard because I might wake up with some slight stiffness. In that case, I walk around a little to limber up and slowly warm up the muscles in the aching area with some gentle stretches.

------Alarm clock or tv show as deadline----------------------------------
If I have not done my exercise for that day by 8 pm, I must do it at 8 o'clock. This is a good deadline for me because it is 1-2 hours after dinner and 2-3 hours before sleep.

In the past, I had missed 3 days out of my 5 days to exercise; I had even skipped a whole week. Since I found a way to schedule my exercise, I still miss a day now and then; but never a week. Remember. We do not need to be perfect; We do need to be improving.

How do you schedule "Move My Body" time into your day?

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