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4/9/13 8:02 P

I had a phase when I was jogging 5k five or six times a week during the winter and just didn't feel like I needed rest days - I would quite literally run away from my desk at lunchtime and head out for my fix. Then I missed an entire week (a cold) and thought I would feel terrible starting out again. I didn't - I was fresher and faster and realized that I had been overtraining before.

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4/9/13 6:23 P

Wow, that's a very interesting point I hadn't thought of....I have found running to be so addicting, I stopped taking restdays....i didnt even mean to, i just have really been loving running! I've gone like 4 days in a row of 5k each day ( though granted one was walking)

I might go back to every other day or at least every other day 5k, maybe a mile or 2 on the in between days.

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4/9/13 1:53 P

This happened to me when I started doing couch-to-5k. I think I needed to adjust to make sure I was hitting all goals and drink more water so I didn't get dehydrated and confuse it with hunger.

I was told not to run everyday..sad as I was about it...but not to leave more than two rest days in between. Is it possible your body is getting to tired and in return needing more calories? I'm no expert, I'm just curious!

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It definitely sounds like you may not be eating enough to provide the energy you need on days you do 5ks. If you enjoy running and want to continue, you need to make sure that you properly fuel your body with the foods you eat. Eating too little will hinder your performance.

food = energy and no food = no energy.

So, do make sure you're eating enough. And yes, you may need to eat more on those days you do 5K. Does this mean go out and eat a cheesecake ? Of course not. But you might want to top your salads with extra virgin olive oil. You might want have some nuts for a snack. You might want to eat some extra protein like a nice fatty salmon at dinner.

The point is this, if you don't eat enough, you're going to notice your running performance diminish. You need to learn how to fuel your body. And if you're worried about gaining weight because of your increased appetite, then you really need to look into a nutrition plan for runners.

It may be you're not eating enough of the right foods to fuel your body too. Are you eating enough protein ? Are you eating enough foods that are high in fiber ? If not, eating a bit more protein and high fiber foods can help you feel more full. But, once again, if you're going increase the amount of running you do, you will need to eat more so that you don't end up fatigued later.

When our bodies get fatigued, we look for a quick source of energy. so we might go for those high calorie foods like cookies, candy or chips to sate our hunger. Eat a healthy diet and you're less likely to want the junk. So, don't be afraid to properly fuel your body with the foods it needs to function properly.

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4/9/13 6:46 A

That is so super helpful!! Thank you thank you!

And no I'm not a vegetarian, my husband hunts deer and we incorporate venison into our dinners sometimes....which I have noticed I am always very energetic afterwards AND often want to eat more at, that is very very insightful, thanks a bunch! I should probably try to eat more meat during the day not just at dinner.....

I've also been on an apple, pear, apple, pear kick lately, so I'd love to mix it up with some different fruits! Guess I got stuck in a rut.

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What you describe indicates that you probably need to eat a bit more. You have increased the amount of work-outs that you do, and that is quite energetic, so your body needs to take in more. When you got your Calorie range for maintenance, did you put in all the exercise that you are now doing? If not, that is likely the problem - your range is too low for what you do!

I had a peek at your Nutrition Tracker and noticed two things which COULD make a difference. One is that you don't get much in the way of fruit/veges. If you increase this, and think of a rainbow of colours with your choices you will find that the calories themselves won't increase hugely and your body will get extra nutrition that it may not be getting enough of. The other thing is that altho' you are getting plenty of protein, there is very little animal protein. IF you aren't a vegetarian, or eat white meat only person, then having some lean red meat along with some veges might help. It is POSSIBLE that part of what you describe is low iron (I have experienced this re the weakness, and also fainting.) It might be helpful if you make an appointment with your Dr and explain what is happening so that bloods etc. can be done to rule out other possibilities.


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Ever since I have been running 5k at least 3 times a week, I have been exceptionally hungry, like I've been over my calorie range for the past 3 days....granted, I've also gone 5k each day for the past 3 days, but I'm not trying to lose weight, I have my goal set to maintanance so if I go over that really puts me in danger of gaining weight, not good when I am trying to increase my running speed....but for about the past week I just could not eat enough. And sometimes after my runs, I feel very very weak, not even necessarily hungry but it makes me wonder if I am eating the wrong things before and after runs. My calorie burn goal is 1000 per week, last week I went over that but I don't think significantly enough that I had a lot of room to eat extra (though I still wanted to anyway) I wonder if I am eating the wrong types of things to keep myself energetic and full. I worry that along with the extra running I might put on weight since I am eating to fuel my runs, but at the same time I don't want to use the runs as an excuse to eat and eat and eat...that's what I have felt like doing lately. Been a bit frustrating. Anyone else have this worry or issue when on a new running program? How do I make sure I don't gain weight but still eat what I need to to fuel my exercise?

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