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BILL60 Posts: 612,745
3/22/13 9:22 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you te very best on your journey.

STEPBYSTEP_ Posts: 777
3/21/13 11:52 P

Thanks a lot emoticon

Racketmom that's just it exactly! I need to change on the inside

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
3/21/13 1:30 P

Hi, Welcome to SP!! It's good to have you join us!

Surgery might be right for some people, but too many think of it as a magic pill to fix all their problems. But truth is, even when we lose weight, that person we wanted to change is still inside, and it still requires a lifestyle change to maintain the loss.

I'm glad you've decided to be good to yourself and take it one step at a time with your fellow Sparkers!!

Stay connected-sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what works best for YOU!!


CILER11 Posts: 265
3/21/13 11:55 A

My wake up call was when my OBGYN suggested gastric. I knew I was bigger, but I didn't think I was that big. Spark is great, the support you can find here is wonderful. Just remember that even small steps are steps in the right direction.


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3/21/13 10:12 A


BILL60 Posts: 612,745
3/21/13 9:25 A

Welcome to SP and hold on tight cause it tends to get bumpy at times.

STEPBYSTEP_ Posts: 777
3/21/13 2:17 A

Thanks. I've joined a few groups already emoticon

DEB2448 Posts: 173,996
3/21/13 1:37 A

Welcome to Spark People. This is a wonderful site full of many useful tools to help you with your weight loss journey. By joining a few teams you will get support and motivation from other members. Good luck in reaching your goals.

STEPBYSTEP_ Posts: 777
3/20/13 11:45 P

Last week I had several doctors recommending gastric surgery which is NOT something I want. I know I need to do something, and do it now to have a healthier life and indeed A life. Right now, I feel scared and overwhelmed by all the changes that I need to make. I've tried many times over the years to tackle weight loss and healthier living and manage to slip back every time into old habits and ways of thinking, I really need this time to be different. I have a lot of weight to lose; not much in the way of support and plenty to sabotage any efforts, trouble with believing I'm worth the effort and a real need to change my thinking.

So this is really a case of One step at a time

I hope being here will help with some of those one steps

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