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10/9/03 9:28 A

Hi Frances:

One thing that helps some of us with emotional eating is to get junk carbs out of the diet so that we lose a large part of the temptation to binge on carbs when stress is high. Check out the Food Challenge in the Challenge section and see what you think.

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10/8/03 10:34 P

Hi Frances,

Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised, as I was, when you find yourself 'living' the new habits that you learn here. Behaviours that contribute to reaching weight goals, and more importantly help you be healthy, and feel good.

Most importantly.... Keep posting out here! Even when you're feeling bad, or in a rut, keep us included in your state of mind! :)

See ya... Melissa (in Washington)

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10/8/03 8:04 P

Hi Frances - sure, we're a welcoming group!

My wife is from the bay area too, so we go out there fairly often. Haven't been for awhile because we just had our first baby, but we're going out in late December to escape some of the cold weather here in the midwest :)

10/8/03 7:09 P

Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome. I live in the Windsor California which is about an hour north of
San Fransico, right in the middle of wine country. Right now the crush is on and its a mad house out there but it sure smells good.

10/8/03 2:48 A

I'm from California too. What part do you live in? I'm from Southern California, the San Diego area to be more exact.

There's a great community on the boards here, and I encourage you to actively take part in it. There are a lot of knowledgeble people and even more people who are greaat at giving support and motivation when someone needs it.

Welcome, and best of luck in achieving your goals.


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10/7/03 8:47 P

Hi FrancesLyns - welcome to SparkPeople!

You've come to the right place, SparkPeople is all about helping people make lifestyle changes vs. dieting.

You'll find that by making small changes that lead to healthy habits in all areas of your life you slowly build momentum. This can be hard at first, but with each new success it gets easier.

You can do it!

I'm a new father myself, our son is 8 weeks old. Good luck with your nephew.


10/7/03 4:49 P

This is a great place to get support!

I live in Cincinnati in the hills, and we get ice storms. I hate ice. The city doesn't salt the side street that goes to my garage (which is a steep incline), so I get stuck parking on the street a lot in the winter time.

My husband grew up in CA, and we are thinking about moving back there when I get finished with school, but we are also considering Indianapolis (boring) because the job market there is so good and the taxes are reasonable.

10/7/03 3:41 P

Sounds like I would like your house. I am lucky to live in California in a part of the state with pretty mild weather (altough I miss the snow).

It really seems like this is a nice place to get support.

10/7/03 2:24 P

Francis, I just read your profile. Making crafts seems as though it would be a great way to get your mind off food. And if you love old buildings, you'd like my house. It's a row house that was built in 1885 and still has the original facade and some of the original hardwood floors (cedar I think).

10/7/03 2:20 P

I think this program is different than most because it is goal oriented and is about more than just food and weight. The community here is awesome too! If you ever have a question, need support, need to vent, or want to celebrate your successes, we're all here for you.

You've probably heard this before, but if you overeat when you are emotional or bored, try picking up a hobby that requires the use of your hands, like sewing, crocheting, painting, etc. Or if the weather outside is nice, try taking a walk. I find that that helps when I'm frustrated or angry.

Welcome to the group!

10/7/03 12:57 P

Well here we go again and it scares me. I’ve been on so many diets I can’t count then. I know I need to learn to change my eating habits and that it’s not about dieting. I need to learn not to eat my emotions away because that does not work! Would love to here from people who are making this work. Thanks!

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