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11/26/10 5:24 P

I used to walk six miles a day and was still chubby. I finally visited some professionals who told me that I really needed to do cardio and get my heart rate up.
Maybe you could try some other exercises as well? And do strength training?

ACERENO Posts: 69
11/15/10 6:28 P

I don't know your fitness routine but it may help if you were to add more variety. Are you doing any strength training? Is so, muscle weighs more than fat. That could be why the scale is not moving. Are you taking body measurements or just using the scale to mark your progress? You could be losing inches and not know it.

Weight loss is also effected by the number of hours you sleep and your stress level. Again I don't know your situation but try to relax whether it be something like meditation, yoga, or pilates. I find when I get stressed kick boxing helps. I take ever so much pleasure from kicking and punching at the air :)

I didn't mean for this to become so lengthy. Hopefully you are able to glean something useful from this.

STL_BECKY Posts: 185
11/9/10 5:55 P

One of the things that hinders me is eating in front of the TV. Even if you eat in the living room and just turn off the TV so you can focus on and enjoy what you're eating without just mindlessly putting things in your mouth. I was shocked when I saw how much more I ate one night just because I was in front of the TV.

Also, if your boyfriend wants to propose, he must think you're one hot mama, so losing weight won't make you any more or less beautiful in his eyes..


SARAH102789 Posts: 68
10/23/10 8:08 P

I never thought of that, I do tend to eat later in the day, or after I workout. Maybe I should try to eat earlier in the day.

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10/23/10 3:56 P

One thing that always gets me is eating too late. I try not to eat at least 3 hours before I am going to go to bed. Do worry you can do it, and you will look beautiful when he proposes!!

SARAH102789 Posts: 68
10/23/10 1:49 A

My boyfriend keeps hinting that he wants to get married but hasnt popped the question yet, I am waiting, trying to lose some weight before he does. However the weight doesnt want to go anywhere. I dont know what I could be doing wrong, I measure out portions and walk/jog everyday, the scale just doesnt budge! I need some serious help PLEASE!

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