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8/9/13 10:47 A

I weigh and measure. Inconsistancies are a given, but I do it anyways. I have just learned to not trip on it too much one way or the other.

When I REALLY want to see my progress, I have certain things I try on, for different areas. For example, I have this one shirt I use when I want to see the progress in my arms. The shirt never changes, so I can see real results and it fits better and better each time emoticon

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8/9/13 7:21 A

You've gotten some good advice already. Anytime you start a new exercise program, your muscles tend to retain water. It's a temporary thing, but can result in an increase on the scale.

Hang in there! It sounds like you're on the right track!

Coach Jen

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8/9/13 7:16 A

My take on it:

there is no real consistency in weight OR measurements with regard to food and exercise, in the short term.

Yes, eventually both will even out.

However, day-to-day - both fluctuate and cause you grief, if you let them.

Sometimes (to their frustration) people will find that exercise will actually increase their weight.

Eating too much salt, or something else sometimes adds to the measurement.

So, continue what you're doing.
If you can deal with it; weigh/measure once monthly, or just go by how your clothes fit, and how you feel. All those numbers are just guidelines, like blood pressure - to keep you on track, but not to be obsessive about, really.

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8/9/13 7:03 A

Have you replaced the battery recently in your scale? If not try that. Scales can get creative when they start to run out of juice.

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8/9/13 6:51 A

You know what? I wouldn't be weighing, and in all honesty, I wouldn't be bothered measuring either (some members might be in a bit of shock/horror over that!) There are a lot of reasons for the weight gain, and it is NOT unusual at all. Everybody's weight fluctuates day-to-day and even throughout the one day. Also, when a person first starts exercising it isn't unusual to gain because you are developing muscle, and this requires more fluid.

The reason I say I wouldn't be bothered measuring myself, either, is because you can measure yourself, and immediately after measure yourself again and the measurement is different. You might put the tape in a slightly different place, or hold your stomach slightly different, or catch it on an in-breath instead of an out-breath, in reverse to the other measurement, and this can alter the result. I know that I have lost a bucket-load of weight, buy my waist hasn't dropped more than a couple cm. (My Dietitian measures me) BUT my clothes size has gone from a NZ sizse 20-22 to a 12-14 top and 14-16 bottom. My shoulders area lot narrower, my face is thinner, and my fingers are much smaller. They weren't 'fat' before, but they sure look heaps better now.

If you are eating within your ranges, meeting all your nutrient requirements, and getting in the exercise, then really that is what you should be worrying about. The rest will take care of itself.

You will know that you are succeeding when
Your clothes start to get loose
You have more energy
You find you are getting better quality sleep
Your BP and bloods improve (if they were less than optimal)
Your hair and skin starts to look radiant
Your hair and skin condition improves
People start to tell you you are looking good :-)

As far as the scales are concerned, I have good quality digital ones, but I find that my weight can fluctuate on them by weighing, stepping off, and then back on. Even the Medical Centre's huge hospital-type ones do the same but only by a few grams, but they are far better than my ones. That was another reason I stopped using my scales, other than once in a few months just for a rough idea of where I am at. I only weigh on the Med.Centre's one once in 2-3 months, and it is always the same time of day (before lunch) and immediately after visiting the loo. (That can make a HUGE difference to the weight:-) I am generally in the same clothes, too, but if I DO have different clothes on, I know the difference in weight and account for it (I'm a nit-picker like that - hahaha!)


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8/9/13 3:28 A

Hello hello,

So, last week I lost 2lbs (woo!) and this week I've been really, impeccably good. My food has been healthy and portion controlled, I've reduced my snacking and I've done 30mins exercise everyday.
So this morning I get on my scales and it says I've GAINED 2lbs... I'm dismayed. I stepped off and then got back on again and it then said I was the same as last week (so 2lbs lighter than 20 seconds previously!) what's that all about? Can scales really be that inaccurate? They're digital scales so I always thought they would be the most accurate. They are about 4 years old though... Could that have anything to do with it?

I decided to measure my waist and I've lost 2 inches from around my waist! This thrills me!
Are physical measurements going to be the best way for me to decipher how we'll my efforts are going? Is that a more accurate measure of mass loss, rather than weight loss?

Thoughts and opinions very much welcome! emoticon

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