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CHARITY1973 Posts: 189
9/13/12 10:09 P

I really really understand your feelings and thinking. It took me three months to get the Spark set to weight loss. I just maintained those 12 weeks until I got my eating sorted out. I then lost a whoppin' 10lbs the next months so I guess there were great things going on inside my body as I adjusted my diet and exercise to hit the weight loss zone. Also I joined the gym about a month later and my weight loss stopped and I gained 2lbs. It's taken another few weeks to get that 'gain' removed and back on the downward track (for now). I found this Spark article the most helpful of all explaining weight gain and loss.

I heard this great idea that I try to use (try is the imperative word here). If I was a camera man I could take an up close shot of a scene, a medium focus shot that included a wide angle or a long range shot that included a panoramic view. In life we do this. We get stuck in the close up view and forget the medium and long term view. I try to remember that today's scale results are just the close up of a panoramic view of my whole life. When I pull the focus back out a bit I get perspective and that helps me, a lot!

Something else that I heard in your despair was that you have had to fore go your coping mechanisms (drinking, diet drinks, vegging out) and that it is really unfair that you haven't been compensated with weight loss. I so so so understand this feeling. It's bad enough to have to fore go our comforts but to then not get anything in return...well stuff this! I think like that anyway ;-) I have been working on what comfort means to me. It has meant things that haven't been good for me in the past (drinking, eating, zoning out). But I need comfort just as much as anyone else. If I don't get it from drinking, eating, sugar, lying on the couch, what will replace it? Only you know what will comfort you. But do comfort yourself even if you haven't lost the weight you wish. You need comfort that soothes you without harming you. Spark has so many articles on the stress, emotional, behavioral issues that effect permanent weight loss. Check out Coach Dean articles. He rocks!

And my heart goes out to you. You aren't alone. And a final quote I read this week, "That which is most personal, is most universal." We get it.

BEADGIRL71 Posts: 1
9/13/12 8:57 P

You just keep moving forward:) Forget today and love yourself for all the good choices you've made and not the few bad ones. It is so hard. But every day that you keep trying you are a success! Like someone else said, we all make mistakes, we all make choices that we wish we hadn't but that doesn't make us bad people. It just makes us human. You are strong and you can do this! Hugs.

BUMBLEBEE-RN SparkPoints: (18,358)
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9/13/12 8:32 P

Dear Luv --

you caved... so what? You're human. Give yourself permission to not do everything perfect. If you make a mis-step, keep going forward. Live NOW. This minute. This is a process -- not a quick fix.

You lost two pounds. That isn't horrible. You're exercising. That isn't horrible either. Those are good things. Congratulate yourself! Give yourself a pat on the back! What have you done for yourself to say "I did something wonderful for me"? If I stay on track, I reward myself with a NON food thing. A pedicure. Something.

Be gentle with yourself. Don't give up. That's not what you want. If you did, you wouldn't have posted here.

This is a great place. Keep coming.

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9/13/12 4:20 P

Hi LUVTHACANES! I am right there with you! It is really hard to see the scale ticking upwards and your immediate thought is "all that hard work for nothing!". I know, I think the exact same thing!
What the others posted is exactly right, but one other thing to think about (my husband tells me this every time I get frustrated with my lack of losing weight):
All scales tell you is the amount of gravity pulling down on your body. Think about your success in other ways:
Can you swim farther than you could when you started swimming?
Can you finish the Hundred and want to do it again because your stomach isn't burning?
Are your clothes getting a little bit looser?
Are you losing inches?
Do not give into the tyranny of the scale, it is only one tool and it is inaccurate at that (for reasons described below).
More importantly: Think back to your "I'm not gonna take this anymore" moment. Grab hold of that and help it propel you forward.
You are going to make it, you only have to try.

9/13/12 3:20 P

Please don't give up on yourself, and don't beat yourself up for caving in. You realized you took a step backwards, and that's a good thing. Take a deep breath and face forward again.

I agree with the tips that were given below. Always weigh in on the same scale in the same state of dress. And realize that sometimes when you are working out you will exchange fat for muscle.

Lastly, don't forget that there are a lot of people here to help you through.

CHIEFWAHA SparkPoints: (0)
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9/13/12 3:18 P

RADIOTIKSPARK1 has brought up a lot of great points. I know I'm regularly at least 5 pounds more at the doctor because he weighs me clothed.

Two more things I'll add.

First, and I'm doubting this is the case, but make sure you're eating enough. You could be in starvation mode, but I think with that exercise regiment you still would have lost weight.

The second would be, if all of the issues that have been brought up are accounted for, maybe you should talk to your doctor about a potential medical issue.

RADIOTIKSPARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/13/12 3:04 P

Well all else aside...if it took you 5 years to lose 100 would weigh 100 pounds less in 5 years. 5 years from today would you prefer to weigh 100 pounds less or would you prefer to weigh the same as you do now or even more? Think about it.

We humans are impatient creatures and it doesn't help that a constant barrage of magazines and tv ad tell us that we can 'get thin quick'. It isn't surprising that you are frustrated that your results aren't immediate, we all get like that, but that just isn't the reality. This really just takes a long time. That is the a fact.

But I can tell you this. If you give up you will never lose that 100 pounds. It won't magically go away one day. If you stick with it you will eventually get to where you want to be. If you give up, you never ever will. Again, I ask...even if it takes 5 years, wouldn't you rather have that 100 pounds gone 5 years from now?

Now specifics.
It sounds like you are weighing yourself at different times of the day, on different scales, with different amounts of clothing on. Never ever do that again! Weigh yourself on the same scale at the same time of day with the same amount of clothing (or no clothing!) on. Every scale reads a little differently and by I little I mean up to several pounds. You want to track yourself on one device to measure the change. For time of day, you retain fluid and, ahem, other things, and have food in your tum in different amounts at different times of the day. As an experiment, try weighing yourself every hour on the hour for a day. You will see how much things change. I did that and my high and low weight that day were 3.5 pounds apart...IN A DAY.

Also...are you a pre-menopausal woman? If so and if you only weighed yourself at the start of your six weeks and at the six week mark, you weight yourself at different stages of your menstrual cycle. Again, you retain different amounts of fluid at different times of the month based off of this. The difference can be pounds. Either weigh yourself at the same time every month OR weigh yourself every day and get used to your fluctuations (that is what I do).

Finally it sounds like you are exercising quite a bit. Are you keeping tape measurements of yourself? You may be replacing fat with muscle...which means you will be smaller but may not weigh less right away. This is a good thing!

What you need to do is keep going.

9/13/12 1:56 P

I joined SP months ago but would follow for a few days and then get side tracked. My job is very stressful and I'd come home and have a few drinks to relax. Finally a little over a month ago a drink wasn't going to be enough; it was really bad so I decided to hit the pool and that's when it all clicked. I do pilates 3-4 mornings a week, swim 1 1/2 work nights, at least 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday, and track my food most days when I have time but (until today) had been well within my calorie allowance. Went to the doctor last Saturday and in 6 weeks only lost 4 lbs. I was so bummed out and I cried. Then I analyzed what I was doing and thought maybe I was eating too late at night when I got home from the pool. I changed that up and this morning the scale went up another 2 lbs. I just want to cry. I was drinking hard alcohol 4-5 nights a week, not watching what I ate, no exercise and lived on diet soda. I've been watching my food since the second week in July and been faithfully exercising since the beginning of August. How can I make that many changes, have that much of a calorie deficit and only be down 2 lbs in 6 weeks. I gave in to it this morning and ate a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle (and I don't even like them) and had a Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel for lunch. I bought them both when I ran throught the drive thru this morning and resisted the bagel sandwich until lunch. My stomach is churning and I just want to cry. I feel like giving up!! I have 100 lbs. to lose and at this rate it will take me 5 years to lose it all. If I had been playing around at the "idea" of exercise or fooling myself about the food I wouldn't feel so bad but I made serious lifestyle changes. When I was younger I was bulimic so I don't want to get crazy with the scale but I really don't know what to do. emoticon

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