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12/8/12 10:00 A

This sounds like an awesome scale. Mine hasn't shown a pound loss in awhile, but my clothes are bagger so I'm losing something. I think I'll add this scale to my Christmas wish list. Thanks for the info.

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12/8/12 9:45 A

Hello M2Momsc,

I have never heard of a scale that could do all that so I googled it.
I agree that finding various ways to track progress is a good thing and happy for you finding one that is a motivator.

Thanks for the info! I found it on amazon and it did get a 4 out of 5 star rating, it does sound amazing in it's multiple features. Then one review which is a noteworthy caution for those with implants:
"....I was looking for another tool to help me measure my progress. The Omron 514 read like a dream --- so I ordered it! When it arrived, I opened the box and got the manual and commenced to read. On the second page, it stated that persons with a medical implant, such as a pacemaker, shoud NOT use this. It makes sense that an electrical impulse could upset a pacemaker, but what about artificial knees like I have. I went to the Omron website, nothing, not even the warning. I sent Omron an email asking about artificial knees; of course, emails are slow to be answered and I wanted an answer. So I called Omron, anything metal will disrupt the electrical impulse and cause the readings to be inaccurate. I am returning this machine; I have no idea how well it might work for others, but those of us who are mechanically enhanced cannot use this item."

Have a splendid day. emoticon

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M2MOMSC Posts: 18
12/7/12 8:03 P

I know when folks hit plateau's they get discouraged. I was weighing myself on a regular scale and would get frustrated when weight-loss seemed stalled. I bought a new scale by Omron (I got the HBF-514) and I love it. I love it because it measures everything ... BMI, BMR, Visceral fat, skeletal/muscle %, fat% and even tells you the "age" your body is. I have found that I like this scale because it gives me other results. I have notice now that when my weight-loss seems stalled other numbers are STILL changing for my betterment. (EG: my fat% goes down and muscle is up. I remind myself that a lb or fat and a pound of muscle may all be 16 OZ but in mass, fat takes up more room. So even w/o weight-loss, by tightening up I'm still getting "smaller" because that is what we are all REALLY trying to lose is SIZE.

Well, any way, I wanted to suggest maybe a different scale for those that get discouraged. Maybe if you had a scale that measure % of fat and muscle that maybe watching those numbers change will keep you encouraged. Those numbers actually make me more excited than the weight does anymore, LOL! It helps on the days when I wake up and my scale tells me I have the body of a 29 yr old emoticon .... LOL!

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