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Good for you!!! That is great news and to say no THAT many times is tough.

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I was tempted three times by my aunt yesterday. We both needed to eat lunch so her first idea was Mexican. You should know that she is also trying to lose weight. So when I suggested making it a learning experience of how to order right she was up in arms. She wants to have the basket of chips. I told her to either keep it away from the table or only take out 11 chips and send the rest back. She didn't care for that idea, but still wanted to go. So she then talked about ordering fajitas. That be ok as long as we make sure that oil content is almost to none. She didn't like that idea either. So she changed her mind and then wanted to go to the casino for there chili cheese nachos. When she stated that was her idea she did say you probably won't go for this. So my response was no thank you. That's a bad idea and will ruin my food intake for the day. So she than headed towards the kitchen. We decided on sandwiches. While getting out the supplies for a meat and cheese with lettuce sandwich she said "We will have cottage cheese as a side." I said no way. That's two dairies in one meal. She got angry because I didn't cave and I told her she is a grown woman and can eat what she wants, but I won't be eating that. She walked away upset and came back a few minutes later saying if I made a salad she wouldn't have any cottage cheese. By the time I was done making her plate and she ate she was all smiles. She really enjoyed the food and I won on my saying no streak. She is an enabler and gets moody when people don't go along with what she wants.

As a reward I went to the dollar store later and got a new pair of sunglasses and a ring pop. It's only 60 calories and I really had a sweet tooth after being around her house, and all the junk food, for the day.

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