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6/28/13 5:00 P


Edited by: NUNANA at: 6/28/2013 (17:04)

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6/28/13 4:47 P

I like Cascade Ice. It has the fizz, lots of flavors and is cheap.

Posts: 508
6/28/13 2:29 P

Long time ago got rid of that one!

Posts: 317
6/28/13 1:16 P

diet soda or regular?

regular - use some water enhancements in your water.

If it's diet soda, I have that issue as well, and I just quit drinking it. I've had 1 the last 2 weeks and I have been wanting the fizz. The LaCroix sparking waters are tasty and fizzy.

Posts: 546
6/28/13 7:45 A

I cut out soda.

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Posts: 56
6/28/13 7:23 A

Pelligrino is great for substituting for soda with lime, you get the fizz and it tastes good. I also use Advocare Spark for my afternoon pick me up and it isn't coke, so eventually I will not crave it anymore.

Posts: 380
6/28/13 5:38 A

Perhaps what you like is the fizz? Maybe try sparkling water, but check the sodium and sugar content in the flavoured ones.

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6/28/13 2:32 A

Do you have something else to drink instead? Water or iced tea would work. When I used to drink a lot of soda, it was because it was convenient. It was already cold in the fridge and it was easier to grab the soda than think of something else to drink. Maybe if you make a pitcher of tea or buy some bottles of water for the fridge, it would make things other than soda convenient for you.

Posts: 4
6/28/13 2:23 A

Okay everyone, I'll admit it-- I'm addicted to soda :(

I have been trying not to drink it lately, but I am having trouble. Any suggestions for cutting this out of my life? I know it's a bad habit I need to kick!

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