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3/20/14 9:21 P

That savory steel cut oats recipe looks great!

My husband and I just made steel-cut oats for the first time a few weeks ago, and I liked them, but he loved them! This is great, because I'm trying to interest him in healthy foods and he's not a big oatmeal fan. I've been making them with fruit and molasses and so on, but I love the idea of an oat and mushroom risotto. I think I'll try it.

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3/10/14 10:09 A

Steel Cut oats look different and taste different than Oatmeal They are much healthier and more filling also. Sometimes I make a couple of servings and spoon them up into lidded bowls. In morning I put almond milk, pecans & craisins on it and take to work for a different kind of breakfast at my desk. I eat it cold, very tasty & keeps me full til lunch.

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3/3/14 11:09 P

Steel cuts are the cut oats before they are rolled into the flakes you are familiar with as quick or instant oat flakes in the pouches or canisters.

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3/3/14 4:18 P

Just wondering-what the difference between steel cut and regular oatmeal. I eat the regular kind or the prepackaged flavored low sugar style as a quick breakfast when I don;t have time to cook.. thinking its healthier than a drive through breakfast sandwich.

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3/1/14 12:54 P

Steel cuts are great when cooked in a crock pot over night.

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2/9/14 10:44 P

I'm not a huge fan of steel cut oats, especially not for breakfast (just my preference, I know others love them!). So, I was challenged to find a way to get this into my diet. Found and tried a great recipe for steel cut oats risotto with mushrooms and squash - YUM!! It takes a little while to prepare, but makes a ton. Thought I would share.

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