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DDBUCK14 Posts: 7
9/24/13 8:26 P

Glad y'all posted this. That helped me too. Thanks!

CDOWL313 Posts: 54
5/4/13 1:01 P

Great! Thanks so much. I appreciate it!

ONELITTLEPILL SparkPoints: (60,560)
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5/4/13 12:31 P

Actually, I just tried it and it worked. If you pull up your video and start it, a little vertical column comes up to the left side of it. There is a little red heart with a checkmark inside it that says "save". If you click that, it saves it to your spark favorites. You can find your spark favorites on your start page. Over on the left side, if you scroll down, it is under your personalized plan or something like that. Good luck!!!

ONELITTLEPILL SparkPoints: (60,560)
Fitness Minutes: (35,157)
Posts: 1,036
5/4/13 12:26 P

If you are wondering for calorie purposes, you can save workouts in your favorites under track my fitness. Also, I know there is a way to save "my spark favorites" which works for articles on here, so I would assume it would also work for the videos. I believe the link is on the start page, but I haven't used it. I'm sure a spark coach would be able to help, or it might tell you how under "help" at the top. Sorry, I haven't used it... Good luck!

CDOWL313 Posts: 54
5/3/13 9:44 P

Hi emoticon

Just wondering...Is it possible for me to save my favorite videos in a folder or something of the sort on here for easy access??? I find it a little annoying to have to keep looking up certain ones that I do on a regular basis.

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