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SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,936
1/27/14 6:11 A

Science was one subject I was totally hopeless at, at school. I remember one exam, the teacher even sat beside me pretty much giving me some of the answers but I STILL couldn't get it. I got 32%, AND he marked it up - the next lowest was in the 50's - LOL! Give me other subjects, tho', and I got really good marks.


CTUPTON Posts: 14,736
1/27/14 6:07 A

Supposedly Ireland has no snakes also. I am from the Eastern US, Connecticut.
I was a teacher of deaf students and now retired. I taught science . chris

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,936
1/26/14 8:37 P

No - I'm a New Zealander :-) (We don't have snakes - LOL!)


CTUPTON Posts: 14,736
1/26/14 8:16 P

Kris, thank you very much! Are you from Australia?


SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,936
1/26/14 7:08 P

Here is the link to the Wellness part of it:


SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,936
1/26/14 7:05 P

The Sugar Free Chocolate I have here is "Well Naturally" made by Vitality Brands Worldwide

It is an Australian Company but sells internationally. 100g contains 474 calories, has 6.8g protein, 5.4g carbs, and .2g sugar. Interestingly, the fibre content is listed as 26g of which soluble dietary fibre 1.5% I usually only eat 2 pieces at a time and that is only 71.1 calories.

There is nothing wrong with peanuts - they are healthy. My nut preferences are for almonds or cashews, but that is just me and my taste. I like dried fruit, but again, it is either dates, OR figs OR apricots - not a mix. I'm funny like that - LOL!


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CTUPTON Posts: 14,736
1/26/14 6:43 P

Thanks for the quick reply. I do have the 85% dark chocolate here. The purchased trailmix I have has mostly peanuts. I guess I should use different nuts. And I have heard of people using cheerios or chex. Hmmm... Dried fruit of course.

I guess I want something that tastes great but won't break the calorie budget!

Maybe I am asking for too much. chris

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,936
1/26/14 6:37 P

Why not buy a bar of AT LEAST 70% dark chocolate and break it up and add to your mix. I don't do mixes because I I don't like mixes - I like the 'all of one kind' at a time. I have a 70% and 85% cocoa chocolate on hand for when I need a little hit, and I also have a Sugar Free 70% rich dark chocolate as well.


CTUPTON Posts: 14,736
1/26/14 5:45 P

Satisfying but healthy trail mix with chocolate?

Does anyone have suggestions?

I looked up if Dr. Fuhrman had a suggestion. He sells a mix but does not put chocolate in it. The saturated fat and sugar even in dark chocolate is not encouraged by him.

Thanks, chris

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