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MAURMAUR Posts: 547
10/19/10 8:23 A

they sell wraps like these at salons and the like...i personally thinks it's bogus. yes, you may loose a couple inches when you first try it, but it's only temporary. i agree it's prolly water loss from sweating. if loosing the weight was as easy as wrapping yourself in plastic, then we'd all be skinny and plastic, haha.

2B-THIN-2B Posts: 895
10/17/10 10:01 A

It will make you sweat thats for sure.

10/17/10 9:53 A

i used the saran wrap after giving birth to help my stomach go back down.

10/17/10 9:41 A

HaHa! I can just see somebody answer the door wrapped in Saran Wrap. It won't work for fat loss. Could be an idea for Halloween. emoticon

10/17/10 9:36 A

also, sweat does not mean weight loss. it is your body's way of cooling down your insides while working out. that is why it is very important to be well hydrated when exercising, because you lose alot of WATER thru sweat and it needs to be replaced with more water when you are done. gee, i hope that sounds right :)

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YOUCANBESURE SparkPoints: (1,747)
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Posts: 61
10/16/10 9:48 P

Thank you. That why I asked!

Holly olszewski
10/16/10 9:46 P

Excessive sweating is NOT true weight loss, it is just dehydration. AND the weight will return to normal when fluids are consumed. I remember friends wearing plastic pants during college for the same effect...YUCK!
No true weight loss benefit here!
Dietitian Becky

CHAOSDAD71 Posts: 448
10/16/10 9:13 P

I prefer foil...

YOUCANBESURE SparkPoints: (1,747)
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Posts: 61
10/16/10 8:08 P

Thak you all for your comments.

Holly olszewski
SHERRYJVP Posts: 1,179
10/16/10 7:34 P

that would be strictly water weight, temporary and would do nothing extra for muscles. Could be dangerously hot.

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AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,410)
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10/16/10 7:09 P

Yeah, i've heard of it but never tried it. But it's not permanent.

LOL. When I typed in saran wrap on the search box
"saran wrap & weight loss" was the first suggestion:
Here's a link:

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CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,677
10/16/10 6:59 P

I can't see how this has any effect for long term weight loss.

YOUCANBESURE SparkPoints: (1,747)
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Posts: 61
10/16/10 6:44 P

A co-worker, who has lost fifty pounds on her own let me in on her secret,..she said when she worked out at home, she wrapped her trouble areas, stomache, thighs, upper arms, chin/neck, and calves in saran wrap, she said it helped with calorie loss due to excess sweating and It helped tighten up that area while simotaneously losing inches. I'd love to take this advice with no hesitation, but that would be a waste in saran wrap if its not in fact helpful. So If my Fellow Sparklers know anything Id love to hear it!
Thank you,

Holly olszewski
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