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8/19/13 6:35 P

Please go see your doctor! emoticon

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8/19/13 8:40 A

Tiredness could be a sign of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or diabetes. Eating too many carbs causes tiredness. Have you been checked with an A1C test? You might be low in magnesium, have you had magnesium counts checked? Vitamin D?

With sleep apenea... most sleep deprived people don't snack on fruits and vegetables. Try adding lima beans, kidney beans, broccoli, spinach and nuts, including almonds, cashews and hazel nuts and brazil nuts to your diet.

Dehydration...your blood volume decreases and less oxygen is delivered to muscles and organs which make you feel worn down. You could be dehydrated. Drink wate..... Just stay hydrated and you'll see more energy

If you feel tired, even if you sleep for 8 hours you may a vitamin B deficiency and sugar also causes fatigue.....say goodbye to sugary foods.... Eat an orange...get that vitamin C. Eat an apple for energy....they fight do strawberries.

Oatmeal, the old fashioned type provides energy because of the B vitamins.
Seeds like chia seeds and flax seeds have all important proteins, and has an energy time~released affect on our bodies

Your body is telling you something...fatigue is not normal ...please do see your health professional.

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Hi - I don't have sleep apnea but I do have sleeping issues, especially if I have had a busy (for me) day or two. I say "for me" because it is nothing compared to what most people do. Anyway, when I have had a busy day, and that may only mean having driven into town 1/4 hr away, for an hour or so, and then come home, I tend to need an afternoon sleep. A couple weeks ago I had to go out 3 days in a row, but they were mostly full days - nothing physical. I ended up having a 4hr sleep (10:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.) on the 4th day, and a couple hrs sleep the following day.

You have Sleep Apnea, so this makes it even more tiring on your body whether you realize it or not.

The other thing to look at is your nutrition. Are you eating a good, healthy, balanced diet with plenty of protein and some quality carbs? Are you eating enough calories for your weight and any exercise you do? A lot of people under-eat, or don't eat healthy foods so their body can't function as well as it would otherwise.

I hope that you are able to get some quality sleep, but suspect that until some more weight comes off, it may elude you to a degree.

Good luck,

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8/18/13 5:39 P

FINDINGSUE, maybe some caffeine might not hurt.

Spark On!

8/18/13 4:57 P

I just work up from a 3 hour nap. I had 8 hours sleep last night and 8 hours the night before. It seems every weekend I sleep away at least 1 day. This has been going on for weeks, maybe longer. I thought it was the medication I was on a first but I've been off those for months now. I've really limited (eliminated) my caffeine so I can go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Today I just had a nice salad for lunch and the tidal wave of sleepiness hit me like a tonne of bricks. I can't fight it. My body feels all heavy and my eyelids won't open. So I give in.

I do have mild sleep apnea but I have trouble wearing my mask when my sinuses are plugged.

Does anyone else experience this?

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