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6/12/13 3:38 P

All you can do is the best you can do, if you know what I mean. No, that lemon cookie probably wasn't exactly identical to the one in the tracker, but it's closer than you'd get by not tracking. I think that if you make your best guess, then add an ounce of cheese or a tablespoon of dip to compensate for the little bites you forgot, you'll get pretty close.

Another thing that helps is to try to predict what's going to be served at a party and track what you're likely to eat before you go. If you've already planned for an ounce of cheese, a glass of wine, 10 crackers, and a cookie, that makes it a little easier to resist a second or third cookie.

And the samples definitely have to be counted. I've taken in 350 calories in a trip to a fancy supermarket that does lots of sampling. As a previous poster pointed out, it doesn't take a lot to get you to 100 calories of something you probably wouldn't normally eat. If you go to two stores with samples in an afternoon of shopping, that can easily add up to an extra meal.

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6/12/13 9:33 A

Take anything you want but just a little. Don't eat more than you think you should. See if there is anything that is low in calories (salads), leave the creams out and don't drink too much.

I have done this every time I have been out for near a year and it works for me. Only eat half on your plate (hard but worth it)

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/11/13 9:51 P

The last time I was at a party like that where I had a dozen different bites of food, I could more or less estimate that I had 2 oz of red meat, that the bread probably had a good amount of butter on it (so I took a small piece), that I ate a cup of carrots and celery with 3tbsp of cottage cheese based dip, etc etc. I'm sure I wasn't spot on, but making best estimates works for those one-off days (and the lemon cookie listing is probably sufficient). I also didn't treat it like an occasion to overeat, and afterwards felt I didn't eat more than what I would have made myself for dinner.

And OMG YES those samples are worth counting. When I first started tracking I quickly learned how easy it was for me to pop 100 calories in my mouth, several times a day, and not think about it. The longer you track, the better you'll be able to recognize "a tbsp of that is probably 50 calories" or whatever the case is. But it sure isn't going to be zero. Rather than asking "is it even worth it to count", I've come to ask myself "I have to count it - is it worth putting in my mouth?"

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6/11/13 9:28 P

To count or not to count......that's not really the question. The real question is "How do I count?" I just came from an event that had several different food options, and (sigh) I tried my share. How do I count my calories? I obviously can't run around trying to find the person who made the items and corner them for the ingredients -- I'd never be invited to another party. I don't seem to be too lucky with finding the things I ate already in SP. Also, I don't really know if the lemon cookie that is listed is THE lemon cookie I'm eating. I do try to break things down by ingredients, but sometimes it is hard to tell what's in something beyond the obvious main ingredients. Sigh, then there's the odd sample at the grocery store....the one bite of cracker with dip, or something similar......How does everyone handle these things in order to stay with-in their calorie count for the day? Are those little samples/tastings worth counting? Is a rough estimate of ingredients or something close to what I ate -- i.e. that lemon cookie already in SP -- good enough for me to list on my food tracker? I'd like to know how everyone else handles these things....

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