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NEWCHAPTER2014 Posts: 26
10/24/12 7:37 P

Awesome Amazing Grace - so happy for you! emoticon

10/24/12 7:17 P

Thanks for posting! I have one product on there, the Late July organic crackers. Going in the garbage right now!

NEWCHAPTER2014 Posts: 26
10/24/12 6:48 P

Great idea - I just posted this on FB as well. Hopefully, the outbreak can be quickly stopped.

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10/24/12 6:37 P

Thank you for posting this! Thankfully I don't have anything on the list but I'll share this on Facebook.

NEWCHAPTER2014 Posts: 26
10/24/12 6:12 P

The below link is from the FDA taken from the CDC. gov web site.

Please check your cupboard for any of the foods listed on this Recall list from the FDA. In addition to Peanut butter, there are many other common foods such as ice cream, energy bars, and other snacks that include peanuts.

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