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12/31/12 12:03 P

I was working out on a treadmill for years and would build up my speed from slow for about five minutes and faster for 20 and then back to slow for 5. I hired a trainer when i wasn't seeing much for results and she told me to do "burst". So I walk now at a fast pace where I can still talk and then every few minutes I jack up either the incline or the speed for a minute, going at FAST for me. I also have to hold onto the handrails or it throws me off balance. I've tried not holding on but it throws me off. I'd have to go REALLY SLOW for me not to hold on. I don't see that would help me much. I do work on my balance with the ball and other exercises my trainer showed me. Maybe I will get there but for now, I hold on.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,237
12/30/12 10:39 A

I know with running, any good training plan includes a variety of what you mentioned you're doing. Somedays, you just run at your training speed. Other times, you mess with it by doing spurts of your race pace or a certain distance faster, like 400 -800 meters (about 1/4-1/2 mile) with slower pace of the same distance. I imagine this would work for walking, too. As for treadmills, I usually have to vary the speed. Otherwise, I get bored.

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12/30/12 8:52 A

Use the treadmill to change speed and incline as you workout for more efficiency and endurance. For great guidance, see Bill Phillps book, "Body for Life." He tells you how to get a very efficient workout in 30 minutes irregardless of your age, size, sex, or fitness level. It worked for me!

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12/29/12 11:32 P

I tried not to hold on today,but it didnt quite work out. So, I will still hold on to be safe. And there is no safety clip :(. When and if I start running, I should be able to let go, just not sure why it doesnt work well when I walk. Its not even the speed. Just feel off when I walk on the treadmill and dont walk straight. Hard to expain, but for now its holding on for me.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,294
12/29/12 7:23 A

I agree that you've got a good system for speed. You can keep the speed the same the whole time, but eventually you'd need to increase it in order to get enough of a challenge as you become more fit. By varying the speeds within the workout you're pushing yourself more, so I'd stick with what you've been doing.

I agree that if at all possible, you don't want to hold on to the rails on the treadmill. You're better off to slow down to a pace that's still a challenge, but allows you to walk on your own safely.

Coach Jen

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12/28/12 9:54 P

Go as slow as you need to to not hold on. You are really doing yourself a disservice by holding on. Use the safety clip.

JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
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12/28/12 8:53 P

Thanks. I kinda enjoy going faster and faster. Makes me feel more accomplished, lol.

JAJUMOMMY2000 SparkPoints: (3,899)
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12/28/12 8:52 P

I don't have good balance so I have to hold on unfortunately.

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12/28/12 6:38 P

why not keep a steady pace and do a mix of incline and flat intervals? Just make sure that you do not hold onto the hand rails!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
12/28/12 4:37 P

It sounds like you've got a pretty good system down! Obviously the faster you go (or more specifically, the more distance you cover), the more you'll burn. But at the same time, if you keep a pace that you won't have to quit out of because you're winded, you're burning a lot more calories than if you started at 3.7 and had to call it quits within 20 minutes.

I may actually try your technique - I'm switching back and forth between a lot of walking and running, and I'd like to build a more progressive speed change.

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12/28/12 1:52 P

I walk on the treadmill 3-4 times a week. Im not quite ready to run yet, but I am able to go faster without being winded or all sweaty. My question is this:

Will I get a better workout increasing my speed throughout my workout, or just keep one steady pace? For instance, I usually start out at 3.5mph. After 5 minutes I go up to 3.6mph for 15 minutes. I then do 3.7 for 5-6 minutes. 3.8 for 2-4 minutes. Sometimes I will go up to 3.9-4.0 for 30 seconds to a minute. For a total of 30 minutes. I increase as I get comfortable with the speed, and where I do not breathe heavily, and where I am just kinda chugging along.

I am proud of myself because when I first started I was lucky to get in 1.5 miles in 30 minutes, and now I am able to get 1.85 miles in 30 minutes!!!!

So, do I keep doing this, or do I just set it at 3.7 for the full 30 minutes and only increase when I can do the speed for the full 30 minutes?

I just hope I can run soon!! It would go so much faster, lol.

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