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3/23/13 7:28 P

One of my hobbies is finding new recipes to try. As of today, I have tried over 150 new recipes in the past 10 months, mostly found on the internet that I've kept track of, plus more from cookbooks that I haven't kept as good of a record of. I used to try at least 4-5 a week. I've slowed down now to maybe 2-3 new ones a week and have been going back to repeat. But, when I repeat, I try to pick things that I haven't made in awhile, so it doesn't feel like a repeat.

Since I meal plan, trying new recipes is very easy, since I know ahead of time what I'm making and can make sure to have all the ingredients on hand. Also I don't have to think about what I'm making that night and reverting back to the same ol same ol, because it's already planned out.

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3/23/13 7:00 P

I'm always trying new recipes. It's a bit of an obsession of mine. New combinations, new recipes. I bulk cook for a couple days. I just search the internet for what I have on hand or what I'm hankering for.

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I don't plan meals and then go to the grocery store. Sorry, I know you're supposed to do this but - it can be pretty pricy here especially in winter.

Instead we shop veggies first and pick up what the specials are and then we check out the meat/fish section and do the same, then eggs milk and dairy. By then we have an idea of what we're likely to make and pick up any other ingredients not already in the pantry.

There are a ton of new recipes here and elsewhere on the internet, things only have to be boring if you let them...

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3/23/13 5:12 P

I bulk cook and containerize them into individual serves then freeze them. I have an assortment in the freezer. Another thing is that you can use exactly the same ingredients, but the way it is cooked can make it a totally different dish.

As an example, I make a mince (ground beef) casserole - it has onions, lentils, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, celery, etc. in it. Some I might add some red Kidney beans and a little chilli, and some I might add dried sweet basil. It makes a huge difference. I also make a meat pattie which is fried in a spray of oil. It has exactly the same things but I leave out the meat, use less water and puree the veges/lentils, then thicken with oat bran. When it is cool I add 1 egg, and mix in the meat, then take spoon fulls, and coat them in more oat bran, then flatten and fry them. Then again, I use that exact same sauce mix, add extra tomato paste and use it as a thick base for my home-made pizza.

I make chicken casserole. Some I might add a few chopped dried apricots. Some I might leave them out but add some curry.

They are all in the freezer ready for me to heat when I have cooked whatever veges I want, that night.

Good nutrition needn't be boring - all you need to do is put your thinking cap on and go with that.


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3/23/13 4:54 P

i remember that most meals can be pretty easily broken down into components and that like items are mostly interchangeable. in other words a veggie is a veggie is a veggie and a protein is a protein is a protein. so if one of my favorite meals is pasta with broccoli and shrimp in an orange sauce i can swap in or out based on what i have. so i could do zucchini, chard, tomatoes or cauliflower in place of broccoli. i could do lentils, tofu or beans in place of shrimp. i could do curry sauce, bechamel, tomato sauce, teriyaki, lemon pepper, or mushroom gravy in place of orange sauce. i could do mashed potatoes, cubed baked potato, rice, quinoa, millet in place of the pasta. if i was really feeling adventurous i could swap the pasta for a tortilla to serve everything in. so if i am feeling dismayed about having the same thing again, i pick one or two parts, swap them out and it feels like a new dish.

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3/23/13 4:40 P

I was wondering what others do to prevent yourselves from eating the same meals everyday so you don't fall into a trap? My husband and I have made a long list of our favorite meals that we posted in the kitchen.

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