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AREEJ_R SparkPoints: (27,739)
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12/31/13 1:28 A

be friend to yourself and support yourself
believe me i was so lazy and eat much near tv and was just in hell
i manage to lose 61.6 pounds (28KG) by myself
nobody believe that , some try to sabotage me some be jealous and other ask me for motivation
i was really focus on myself as there is just me in the world
don't care about anything else

now just few months i ruined all my hard work i gained 15KG (33 pounds)
so i will start the new year with more weight than the last year

but i am positive about it and really learn the lesson

you only have yourself

do what you know and you will get there believe me

for more motivation search in youtube and watch the seasons of biggest loser

it really help

LGORMAN09 Posts: 2
12/30/13 2:41 P

Everyone seems to be in the same boat! I constantly battle with losing weight. I would consider myself a runner and run upwards of 12-15 miles per week and TRY to eat healthy, but I haven't tried hard enough. My reason for losing weight? My husband and I are ready to start a family, but I need to be as healthy as I can be! Good luck to you this year, and remember that people are there for you!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/30/13 1:42 P

like many of you have posted-- you know what to do. You've studied different plans, but nothing is happening. I was in the same boat until I determined my big why. I decided two years ago to never ever use getting healthy or losing weight or exercising more as a new years resolution. Typically people quit NYR by 1/14 of that year. Not a really good indicator that New Years resolutions are motivational.

Instead you need to get into your head. You say you have no motivation- sure you do-- dig deep. Do you have kids? Do you have a significant other? Do you have a job that really helps people? Don't you want to be around for your kids? How about your SO? Losing weight to look good, fit in a bathing suit, for a reunion or wedding are definitely not big enough reasons. Look really deep.

If you are making the same resolution again did you really look at why it failed last year? If it is no support from family or friends- doesn't matter. My folks would love if I lost weight, but they are not super helpful. My friends may show concern the first few weeks, but then they have other things to do and I stumble on my own.

But i have a big why and that is enough to keep me going. Yes I have slipped. Yes I have renewed my pledge and had to bring that big why to the forefront again, but I never use New Years or a Monday to do it.

I see NYR's as a recipe for failure. My BIG WHY is a recipe to success.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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12/30/13 8:34 A

Make sure when you start your journey you do two things 1) take you measurements every week and watch how they change over time 2) break your goals down into little bits. For example I will loose 6 pounds in the month of january or whatever number you are looking for, but make it realistic and remember it takes a long time to put weight on and it takes that much longer to get it off.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (65,829)
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12/29/13 10:17 P

KAMS32902....skip the fad "detox" routes. Instead, check out some of the Spark Challenges on Sugar Cravings.... There are some really great articles, and many folks succeeding right here!

NEWBEX2014....check out the Spark Team "150+ to Lose"! A really great, supportive group. Some of them are well on their way...some just beginning....and some of us just love their motivation and inspiration!!

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DENTALQUEEN SparkPoints: (6,753)
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12/29/13 10:13 P

I am looking into the 40 days to a healthier you. "The Daniel Plan". Saw it on the View last week. Along with rejoining Spark people I am hoping I too can stay motivated in 2014

KAMS32902 Posts: 22
12/29/13 9:32 P

We have to have faith and hope that we will succeed. The trouble comes when we give up. You're here so I'd say you haven't thrown in the towel yet. Good! This site is a wealth of uplifting articles and people who are standing by to cheer you on. Just remember we're all here to share this journey with you


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KAMS32902 Posts: 22
12/29/13 9:26 P

I'm in the same situation here. My weight yo-yo's up and down regularly. This time last year I was 213 lbs, now I'm 237 lbs. My husband has high blood-pressure and we're worried about our health. You can read every book and get advice every day, but it's hard. Sometimes it feels impossible to "just do it."

Have you ever thought about food addiction? I've been examining my life and noticing my NEED to eat sugar and fat every day. I consume these in obscene portions. I think one answer might be a detox. Something to break the sugar-fat-salt cravings that come to bust my diet in the afternoon/evenings.

What do you think?

FOR_ME24 SparkPoints: (1,921)
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12/29/13 8:49 P

NEWBEX2014, you are not alone. I could have written your post myself!! I myself feel lost and not sure where to start. I am hopeful that together, and with SparkPeople we are both on our way to figuring this all out!! What better support team than those that are going through it with you!!

Here is to a successful 2014!! emoticon

SEAFLOAT SparkPoints: (8,886)
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12/29/13 8:43 P

Sounds like you know exactly what to do. You just have to take that first step. After that take one more step. I'm starting over again too and want you to know you are not alone. Good luck to you!! emoticon

NEWBEX2014 Posts: 138
12/29/13 8:10 P

So I plan on losing weight and becoming a happier healthier me and I just don't know where to start. I know to watch calories, exercise, drink more water and eat 3 meals, 2 snacks watch portions. I have read just about every book and tried just about every diet. If I don't see results I give up. I don't have the support I need to help me stick it out and just don't think I'm ever going to succeed at weight loss and ever hit my goals. emoticon

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